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Interesting Tweets – April 2017

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#CenturyTextiles - 11 clients hold 45% of the positions , #TV18 - 12 clients hold 45% of the positions. #derivatives— Nooresh Merani (@nooreshtech) April 24, 2017   @nooreshtech #Dmart does sales of 8588 cr and PAT of 320 cr and has a market cap of 46400 cr. Disclosure - No [...]

Interesting Tweets March 2017

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Quite a lot of interesting tweets and links have been shared by smart people in the last month. @KhivrajNaresh presenting on 'Current Business Trends & Investment Opportunities' at TIA Bullet Proof Investing:— Jatin Khemani, CFA (@jatin_khemani) March 14, 2017 - a presentation I made in TIAA. All brickbats [...]

Interesting Tweets – February 2017

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Writing this section after a month. Been a bit busy with work and a lot of action in the midcaps/smallcaps in the market. The list is longer but very interesting. Some of the links in the tweets below should be bookmarked and re-read. The new style of #investing is #Commodity [...]

Interesting Tweets– Part 1 – January 2017

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I will try to post interesting tweets i read every fortnight on this link. Given that the timeline is flooded with a lot of useless tweets , i try to like a few and then re-look at them every fortnight. You can follow me on @nooreshtech - #Equity funds [...]

Interesting Tweets to Read –Dec 2016

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  Hi @IndiaTodayFLASH, living the 4th of October all over again? Repo rate was cut to 6.25% in October itself— (@OpIndia_com) 5 December 2016   Current NAV of Edelweiss ETF - Nifty Quality 30 = 210.11. Last Traded Price 240.00. Power of ill Liquidity ;)— Prashanth (@Prashanth_Krish) December [...]

Interesting Tweets to Read –Nov 2016

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  .@Snapchat files for one of the biggest tech IPOs in years: Report — IndiaTodayTech (@IndiaTodayTech) 16 November 2016   Father to Analyst son:What to do? I hv 5cr cash at home. My life savings are gone.Son: Why worry? These are exceptional,one time losses — Samir Arora (@Iamsamirarora) 16 [...]

Interesting Tweets to Read – November 2016

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This is a post series which I keep trying to post regularly. This is yet another shot at it. What’s at Stake at the House of Tatas — Moneylife Advisory (@MoneylifeAdvice) November 7, 2016   Looking at the tight correlation recently between S&P500 and Nifty, wondering if Elections are [...]

Interesting Tweets of the Week – December 2015

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  Got this on #whatsapp though has a spelling mistake but #funny. #trading #operator — Nooresh Merani (@nooreshtech) December 16, 2015   Over the last 1 year, Small Cap was Up 2%, Mid Cap was up 7% and Nifty 50 was down 6%. — Prashanth (@Prashanth_Krish) December 16, 2015 [...]

Interesting tweets of September 2015

This will be a long list as posting after quite a few days. My twitter handle - @nooreshtech   Amtek Auto - 111 mln shares trded on Fri, both exchanges, and only 9.7 mln marked fr delivery!!! :-) stk up anodr 15% today #kheloindiakhelo — Sudhir Padiyar (@sudhirpadiyar) September 14, [...]

QuickTwits – Interesting Tweets of the Week – July 2015

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Hi This is a section which i have been posting only on the Android App - every few days. Will start putting it on the blog too if you all like it. Do comment   A co that "advertises" it's fact of being listed rather than the work it does!!! [...]