Technical Analysis of Indian Equities by Nooresh


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SpeakAsia —Fooling through Surveys. Yet another Scam :)

In Manipulation of Stocks

Since the market is doing nothing though of writing on something which is not related to stocks. But i did hear this from a couple of traders talking about speak asia :)     There might be a lot of stuff being written about the possible scam in the scheme [...]

Fall From Glory – Manipulation at its best

As per the market buzz there were many stocks in the current scenario which were pumped up purely on Margin Funding and at some point with the intention to dump it ! Many brokers would give 3-4 times margin on the stock or by pledging. Quite a lot of investors [...]

Scam/Bribe and Timing !

Although i might not be well qualified for the view on the current Scam or bribery announcement. But there are serious questions which can be raised which have not been answered. – > Is the current scandal a scam for fake loans or is it a bribery scandal. If its [...]

WellPack Papers and Containers Ltd – 300 times Returns in 2 yrs – Now dumped from 130 to 40 !!

Few months back i had mentioned about this stock is Wellpack Papers and Containers as a stock which is highly overvalued and manipulated. After a few months the stock has since then declined to 40 levels from a high of 130 !!. Even at this price the stock is highly [...]