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Pause after a Correction–Another Dip Down or Reversal ?

In Nifty

Nifty after making a top at 11170 has come down to 10300-10400 a good 6-7% correction. The Smallcap Indices have gone down a good 15-20% from peak. Both the indices are back to the highs they made in July-October around the time Nifty made tops around 10000-10200. The recent outperformance [...]

Nifty Index View and Other Indices–Correction or Trend Change ?

In Nifty

Today Nifty might have dropped just a percentage but we saw a sharp 3-5% decline in the Midcap and Smallcap Index. Is this a Healthy Correction or a Trend Change ? Lets look at the charts technically on simple parameters. Nifty Technical View Trendline supports come at 9800/9700. Previous swing [...]

Nifty and Bank Nifty Technical View

In Nifty

A quick and a simple technical view without any bias of the unconvential things happening around us. Nifty Technical View Nifty did break the 8450-8500 but did not sustain there and reversed in a few sessions. Trendline resistance is at 8630 and recent highs at 8750. Sustaining above 8630/8750 would [...]

Is Timing the Markets Important ? Absolutely !!!

In Nifty

One of the most used phrases by the Asset Management Industry. “Time in the market is more important than timing the market” Without going into the point of how to time the market or why is it important to time the market we look at how much would it hurt [...]

Nifty 50 Index – Weightages and Free Float Market-Cap.

In Nifty Nifty Technical View

This would be a very different post for the reason we will not be talking as to where Nifty is headed or what are the supports, resistances, trends etc.   We see a slew of reports on Nifty technical view, P-E Ratio and so on but nobody has much of [...]

Stock Specific Updates

Attached below are the Technical Charts for some of the stocks looking good in the near term. Click on the link below to see Targets and Stoplosses, along with the charts.

Nifty and Bank Nifty – Technical Trading View

Nifty futures is trading between 4705-4675. If Nifty futures starts trading below 4675 then it will re-test the low 4640-4635 which was made yesterday. Bank Nifty major support for the day at 8020 and resistance at 8115. Stocks to track SBI,ICICI, Axis. Click below to see Technical charts and Read [...]

Fear hit a 10 year High around the World !

This is the guest post which i had written two weeks back but somehow missed updating on our website due to some network error and forgot. So posting it right now. The link for the post written on 14 October is as below.   Fear hit a 10 year high [...]

Nifty — Bear Rally or Turnaround ?

    Nifty Technical View Nifty is still in a downtrend with lower top lower bottom but a close above 5170 will be first indications of a turnaround or a strong counter trend rally just like the previous one in March from 5180 to 5950 levels. Such a counter trend [...]

Nifty and Sensex – Stop Guessing the Bottom !!

Of late many of us have been talking about the Index and a good feeling comes is that Nifty and Sensex have just fallen 25% since 2008 or 2011 highs which is not really bad.   Everyone around the street is taking their best guess on the where would Nifty/Sensex [...]