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Sensex/Nifty touched 200 dma and recent lows of 7730. Interesting Signal !

In Nifty Technical View

We have been using the Dollex 30 and Defty Charts in our analysis for the last many years to find some interesting turnaround points.   We have been mentioning about this in our various reports.   This post in August 2013 – BSE DOLLEX 30 – Sensex in Dollar Terms [...]

Nifty – RSI oversold at 30. Channel Supports. Time to Accumulate.

In Nifty Technical View

  -> Nifty is now back from overbought zones of 70s RSI to a oversold zone of RSI 30. -> Last we saw such oversold levels was at 6000 Nifty dip in February. -> Also a lot of channel supports at 8050-8150 and breakout points. -> The last bottom is [...]

Nifty – Corrections will come and go.

In Nifty Technical View

  Nifty Technical View   -> Ever since elections the market has seen support around the 50 dema or at the channel support. -> 50 dema is placed around 8260. -> Channel support closer to 8150-8180. -> The trend remains up till we continue to hold the channel supports or [...]

Nifty – Wait for Calls of 6400/7000 and so on.

In Nifty Technical View

Nifty has dropped around 300 points from the top but it has led to a sudden change in the stance from analysts, investors and so on. But markets dont move in line of consensus but the other way round. So sentimentally let us wait for 7300/7000/6400 targets to come from [...]

Nifty and Dow Jones – Hanging around supports

In Nifty Technical View

Nifty Technical View     -> Channel Support at 7500-7550 -> 50 dema at 7500-7550. -> Previous bottom at 7420.   A short term bounce could be in the offing in near term from 7500-7550. But a support does not imply it always hold so looking at what if the [...]

Nifty hits a New High – Should you Buy or Sell ?

In Nifty Technical View

This is the question a lot of people would be asking who have missed bus in Nifty.   There  were a lot of bearish voices in last few weeks and specially a lot of them turned negative at the break of 6000.   So before you read further, do have [...]

Nifty Technical View – Doji at 200 day moving average.

In Nifty Technical View

Its been some time since we have looked into the Nifty technical view as it has been pretty range bound. For the last few days we have seen a good 300 points dip from the recent highs and now again we are standing at important supports.   The biggest concern [...]

Nifty Technical View – Range Bound or Breakout ?

In Nifty Technical View

    Nifty Technical View :   -> There are sometimes when you do not have a clear view or analysis on Nifty or many indices. This seems to be one of those times for me .   We saw a long term trendline breakdown but we ended up making [...]

Nifty and India Vix – Deja Vu 2011

In Nifty Technical View

-> Before i start the view lets make it clear was bullish at 5700 a month back and we did see a move from 5600 to 6100 almost but not enough to our minimum target price of 6200. -> Since than the big falls in broader market and a crack [...]

Be Ready for the Worst, Hope for the Best – Sensex –biggest fall in four years

The last 2-3 weeks have been terrible for broader markets but fridays hit on Sensex , Nifty has suddenly made people aware of the crisis.   Given the fact that Bse Midcap, Bse Smallcap, CNX Midcap, Bank Nifty and many other sectoral indices have fallen much before did not ring [...]