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Nifty – Oversold – Relative Strength Index back to 4500/4800/5500 bottom levels

In Nifty Technical View

    Nifty Technical View Its been a very surprising time period in terms of how quickly Nifty is shuttling from overbought to oversold. As of yesterday Nifty has touched oversold levels on RSI similar to previous bottoms. Although Nifty broke recent bottoms of 5580 there was not much of [...]

Where is Nifty going ? Do it yourself – Market kya Lagta hai

  The last 2-3 months have been very surprising and interesting if one is looking at Nifty. In the end of June we had come out with a report mentioning how Nifty is forming a big ascending triangle and we should see a bounce back to 6200 levels. Nifty after [...]

Bank Nifty and Nifty – Major Divergence. Pair Trade- Short Nifty and Buy Bank Nifty ?

  Generally we see Nifty and Bank Nifty to go in tandem over the last many years.   This is almost the first time we are seeing such divergence.   A pair trade can be initiated when Bank Nifty dips to 10300-10500 and short Nifty. One can even do the [...]

Nifty – At 5550-5600 with positive divergence

Hi,   To be very candid we turned bullish way too early at 5700-5800 it seems and we are now staring at the closing stops of 5600 being taken off. Also some of the sectoral expectation of PSU banks stopped out in no while.   Also there are serious doubts [...]

MIDCAP /SMALL CAP INDICES – Time to catch up and stop under performing ?

After the good move in Nifty of 10% on expected lines – Check Link we have been mentioning that one should now focus on broader markets.   Expect next 3-4 months could see some serious performance by midcaps/smallcaps. Bounce backs of 15-30% in many stocks may come in a jiffy. [...]

Be Fearful When Others Are Greedy and Greedy When Others Are Fearful – Nifty/Sensex Technical View

2 months back Nifty was at 6000-6100 levels with all investors, business channels – CNBC/ET Now etc , investors being gung ho about the Indian economy.   Now Nifty is at 5500 and suddenly everyone on the street has become ultra negative.   This is how market works – Sometimes [...]

Nifty – A risk-reward buy Opportunity at 5950-5970

In Nifty Technical View

  Nifty Technical View:   It is now very close to the trendline support of 5930-5950 and recent bottoms at 5940. A medium term trade would be to buy with a stoploss of 5840. A quick trade could be to buy with a stoploss of 5920 on spot levels.   [...]

Nifty – Trendline and gap support at 5450-5520

In Nifty Technical View

  A post after a long time as had been busy with some family functions :)   Looks like Nifty should find support around 5520-5450. The last attempt towards 5800-5850 failed to make new highs gives a signal for more sideways period to come.   This is the 4th attempt [...]

Nifty 50 Index – Weightages and Free Float Market-Cap.

In Nifty Nifty Technical View

This would be a very different post for the reason we will not be talking as to where Nifty is headed or what are the supports, resistances, trends etc.   We see a slew of reports on Nifty technical view, P-E Ratio and so on but nobody has much of [...]

Nifty Futures 5300 to 5000 – The Algo Trade, Manual Error, Fat Fingers -300 points gone in a Minute.

In Nifty Technical View scams

  Nifty Futures dropped 300 points in a minute. I did see it on the screen too.  From 5300 to a low of 5000 and back to 5240-5250 in a minute and closed around 5300 by end of the day. Net result was 20 negative but that few minutes were [...]