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Analyse India QuickGains Nifty 50 Newsletter – Subscription Charges

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Hello Everyone We have been sending Free Daily Newsletters since 25th July 2012 ( exception – 30th July ) & we hope you would have benefited from our Trial Service which ends Tomorrow, 14th August 2012 , as was announced before.   We would like to inform you that the " Analyse India [...]

Gold – Money Made on Short and Long both – 1770 to 1540 and then 1540 to 1650.

Around a few backs the whole market was abuzz with Gold hitting new highs and it is all set to 30k-32k in MCX and 2000-2300 $.   We kept on giving warnings as investors/traders should avoid gold at 1700-1900 $ and on further rise as it is totally speculative and [...]

Sensex and Nifty – OverBought but no signs of stopping yet …

    We have updated the performance reports on Analyse Options and Commodity Advisory services which is our new offering and has continued to offer good returns to traders.   Click on the link below   COMMODITIES   OPTIONS    Sensex and Nifty Technical View: There are no signs of [...]

Sensex 21k to 21k – Excellent Views by Analyse India

Every day we keep getting fresh readers Just click on the boxes and you would be taken to the posts at that time and how accurate and precise views were given. Like a buy call at 9700 in April 2009.Click on the link below. 21kto21k If you like the post [...]

Nifty at 6000 – Sensex almost at 20000 — We predicted this 2 months back !!

Finally we may see Sensex at 20k and Nifty at 6000 tomorrow ideally !!   In the last 1 to 1.5 years apart from this website we have been conducting Seminars ( many were free)  in many cities across India ( Mumbai,Delhi,Bangalore,Pune,Ahmedabad,Surat,Chennai) to give a detailed presentation of our Analysis. [...]

Performance Reports

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For the convenience of readers have just got a report of our performance made by team members.   Readers can download the pdf by clicking on the link below.   Intra Day Performance for 1 week of August QuickGains Premium Performance for the month of May 2010 QuickGains Premium Performance [...]

Performance Report for May 2010

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June & July will be posted very shortly!!   Performance for the month of May 2010   For more details about our Advisory Services check the link  contact Asif 9833666151

Small Cap Coverage- Excellent Performance for patient Investors.

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SMALL CAP COVERAGE UPDATE: Around November 2009 the blog had a new post category of Small Cap Coverage where I try to cover Small cap stocks which look very interesting on fundamentals and have very high growth potential or a possibly large valuation gap according to my limited knowledge of [...]

Review of Stocks given in our Sensex : Time to be Optimistic Presentation at 16k

In the last few days i have not been able to update the blog with posts as Reliance Network issues in my area as well as lots of other work in a new venture which would soon be announced. Another thing is do we need to look into every move [...]

Delivery Gains Performance Update

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DELIVERY GAINS DeliveryGains will enable you to meet your investment objectives. Features: – >>> 3 – 5 stock recommendations per month. – >>> Fundamentally sound and well-researched stocks, with a Technical bias, to time the entries and exit. – >>> Focus on midcaps and select small caps. – >>> Strategy [...]