Technical Analysis of Indian Equities by Nooresh


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Why is it easier to predict a Crash !! — Is it a time to get Ready for the next Big Rally in the next few years ??

We have recently started seeing a lot of broking firms, financial advisors, analysts and everyone on the street is calling for a major crash and a worse then 2008 scenario. Many even going to the extent of calling it a systemic crisis, catastrophe, currency failures, sovereign failures and every thing [...]

Recording of the Webinar done on Sunday May 8.

We discussed a lot of technical topics as well as the possibilities on Sensex , Commodities and stock specific ideas in the webinar on Sunday.   Those who could not attend can download from the below link   Regards,   Nooresh

Presentations of Mumbai Seminar – Sensex at 18k – the Journey Ahead

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its been a week since the Mumbai Seminar done on August 02 which saw good response as always:) Finally have got time to post the presentations made in the seminar. Although the powerpoints may not be as elaborate but will give a good gist of the entire details presented by [...]

Sensex at 16k-16.6k , Time to be Optimistic not Scared.

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As mentioned last week that i would be out with a detailed report. The view is to buy around 16000-16400 stoploss 15900 ( traders )  and stoploss 15600 ( investors) on closing basis. For a good bounce in next few weeks. Technical Reasons explained for Sensex as well as technical [...]