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Interesting Tweets of October 2015

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  Over-financed. :-) This new term deserves to be added to our dictionary. — Vetri Subramaniam (@VetriSmv) October 12, 2015   RT @alphaideas Repost: Indian long term equity return of 16% is a fairy tale — Mahesh (@invest_mutual) October 12, 2015   If You Thought China's Equity Bubble [...]

Interesting Articles for the Week – September 2015

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Although i am a terrible reader in terms of books/articles etc but I dont stop trying. Starting this set of articles and links will help me read and all the readers. The list of articles would be on various topics and not only on markets with a little review from [...]

Interesting tweets of September 2015

This will be a long list as posting after quite a few days. My twitter handle - @nooreshtech   Amtek Auto - 111 mln shares trded on Fri, both exchanges, and only 9.7 mln marked fr delivery!!! :-) stk up anodr 15% today #kheloindiakhelo — Sudhir Padiyar (@sudhirpadiyar) September 14, [...]

Interesting Tweets of the Week – August 31 2015

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Did not get time to write this section of Interesting Tweets for couple of weeks. Here are some interesting tweets. The list is longer then usual.   We were wrong abt sensex 36k fy16 tgt then we were wrong about 32k fy16 tgt and now its 28k with chance of [...]

Interesting Tweets of the Week – 17th August 2015

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  "At one time we had 0 tax for IT Cos.Led to germination of fraud Co's showing cooked profits. Seed Co's pay no tax." My tweet from 29/4/2014 — sandip sabharwal (@sandipsabharwal) August 17, 2015   Kaveri Seeds entry into the F&O segment should be properly investigated. Downhill since then. [...]