Technical Analysis of Indian Equities by Nooresh


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Recording of the Webinar done on Sunday May 8.

We discussed a lot of technical topics as well as the possibilities on Sensex , Commodities and stock specific ideas in the webinar on Sunday.   Those who could not attend can download from the below link   Regards,   Nooresh

Sensex at 21k – Cautious doesnt mean Bearish

The previous view at 18k which was presented in August 2010 which gave a target of 20500 in next 2-3 quarters and as always targets have been achieved in a quicker manner ! As i had mentioned that i would come out with a detailed view as and when [...]

Analyse India – Launch of Google Group

In Research

Dearest Friends, Analyse India is pleased to announce the launch of google group named, "Analyse India Students" The google group, "Analyse India Students" is a restricted group. It is open for membership only to those Students who have learnt Technical Analysis from Mr. N.S. Fidai. Creation of "Analyse India Students" [...]

Powerpoints of the Mumbai and Surat Seminar !

In Research

We have been conducting seminars across India to increase awareness about technical analysis. In the last couple of months we have been to Chennai,Surat and our base city Mumbai. Previously before this we started with our seminar on Sensex the next Multi-bagger … a technical view around July-August till date. [...]

Sensex 13500 support for now……. Relax and Research!!

Sensex Technical View :Lets have a few observations :— > The Head and Shoulders Pattern seems obvious but only issue is it can also see a test to neckline before achieving full tgts which point to 12k-12.7k. So next few sessions could be confusing with lot of volatility. — > [...]