Technical Analysis of Indian Equities by Nooresh


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Nifty Futures 5300 to 5000 – The Algo Trade, Manual Error, Fat Fingers -300 points gone in a Minute.

In Nifty Technical View scams

  Nifty Futures dropped 300 points in a minute. I did see it on the screen too.  From 5300 to a low of 5000 and back to 5240-5250 in a minute and closed around 5300 by end of the day. Net result was 20 negative but that few minutes were [...]

Screener – Low Delivery Percentage Stocks – Possible Circular Trading Stocks – Elder Pharmaceuticals,

In Random Thoughts scams

Before i go into how a low delivery percentage can be a good screener to understand high risk stocks or speculative built up , circular trading and so on lets look into what it means. Delivery Percentage or percentage Delivery marked-   Let us understand it through an example.   [...]

Scam/Bribe and Timing !

Although i might not be well qualified for the view on the current Scam or bribery announcement. But there are serious questions which can be raised which have not been answered. – > Is the current scandal a scam for fake loans or is it a bribery scandal. If its [...]

Birla Power, Birla Cotsyn, Birla Shloka Edutech, Zenith Birla – The Pump and Dump

In scams Stock Charts

I have been writing on some market manipulations as well as pump and dump stocks for quite some time although its difficult to put in time to elaborate on the same. One of the classical cases of such mistakes being made by small investors consistently is investing in Yash Brila [...]

WellPack Papers and Containers Ltd – 300 times Returns in 2 yrs – Market-Men were sleeping or Regulators ?

In scams Technical Analysis

Well i was looking into this company Well Pack Papers and Containers a few days back but research on Bombay Burmah Trading Corporation did not allow me to look into the details so i asked a good friend of mine  Neeraj Marathe a diehard deep Value Investor to help me [...]