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BSE DOLLEX 30 – Sensex in Dollar Terms is just 6-7% away from December 2011 lows

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  Have generally looked into CNX Defty before but for the recent discontinuation of the Index by NSE    Some really important things to note.   -> The lows of 2300 odd is the number where Index has found support over the last 4 years.   -> Post the election [...]

Be Fearful When Others Are Greedy and Greedy When Others Are Fearful – Nifty/Sensex Technical View

2 months back Nifty was at 6000-6100 levels with all investors, business channels – CNBC/ET Now etc , investors being gung ho about the Indian economy.   Now Nifty is at 5500 and suddenly everyone on the street has become ultra negative.   This is how market works – Sometimes [...]

Stock Specific Updates…

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We have presented a view on some of the stocks mentioned below. Important Technical levels are mentioned with Targets and major support levels. Click on the link below to see charts and targets.

Panic has No Logic… Wait and Watch for oversold zones to review.

Over the past few days the cracks in the Broader Market has hurt lot of investors/traders. But we have been finding some hope with index still being above 4700. ( this is untrue ) Broader market is at 3800 and 13000 levels. ( look at this image – – [...]

Sensex, BSE Midcap , BSE Small Cap , Dollex 30 Technical Charts and Retracement Levels.

    Sensex Technical View: -> The fibonacci retracements are placed as follows 38.2% retracement – 15500-16000. 50% retracement – 14500. 61.8% retracement – 13000.       BSE Dollex 30 This is a good indicator as the major inflows is through foreign sources. The index did not cross the [...]

Nifty and Sensex – Stop Guessing the Bottom !!

Of late many of us have been talking about the Index and a good feeling comes is that Nifty and Sensex have just fallen 25% since 2008 or 2011 highs which is not really bad.   Everyone around the street is taking their best guess on the where would Nifty/Sensex [...]

Sensex – In Investment Zone Buy staggered in Quality Stocks !!

Although i have been consistently posting about staggered buying and then updating to book the same in the past many swings in the market but today will try to look into a simpler chart on weekly basis. If we look at the chart we have lot of supports at 15400 [...]

Sensex testing recent bottoms of 15800. View remains to buy staggered on sharp declines.

  Time-Wise correction so be stock specific.  Recent bottom tested at 15800. Important support levels remain in the zone of 15400 ( + – 200 ). View remains to buy staggered but quality stocks. First signs of turnaround would be when we see a close above 17300 levels.     [...]

USD – INR and Sensex co-relation indicates – Time to buy the Panics

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USD – INR – Nearing major resistance and now near 2001     USD-INR after making multiple bottoms at 43.8 zones gave a breakout above 45 recently and has spiked up sharply. The target projection for such a breakout would be 49 in short term which has been reached. At [...]

Nifty/Sensex – A brief Statistical look on P-E/Div Yield.

    Above is a quick snapshot of Sensex/Nifty statistics – namely – EPS , Div Yield , P-E ratios.  Mind you the above numbers are consolidated and the estimated eps is as mentioned in bloomberg.   So lets take a plot of it and major swings in it.   [...]