Technical Analysis of Indian Equities by Nooresh


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Sensex …. 1-2-3 pattern

In Sensex

Before i get into explaining the above chart i would like to mention the simplest of all theories in technical analysis which is called as Dow theory and is the base of all other ones. Search google for more on it. As per the simplest tenets of the theory a higher [...]

Sensex 9700-9980 target zone.Markets are bound to surprise.

In Sensex

Sensex Technical View :–  The level of 9300 is crossed in the near term with a good strong candle which clearly opens up the next target to ideally be the upper resistance line which is very crucial trend decider. The move might be a surprise but we have been waiting [...]


In Sensex

The last time i discussed on the RSI indicator was around February 10. Sensex was hovering 9600-9700 and had indicated to be cautious as the markets may be a little overbought on indicators.OLD POST CLICK HERE Yet again RSI at times a late or a very early indicator is back towards [...]

Bounce resistance at 8500/8630.

In Sensex

Nothing much has changed so just pasting the views of monday. Sensex Technical View :In the last many updates the view has been clear that its a breakdown from a triangle which gives us a minimum target zone of 7700-8300 and much lower. Sensex has touched a low of 8050. Check [...]