Technical Analysis of Indian Equities by Nooresh


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Will RBI give Direction to Sensex.

  Sensex OverView: Just a month back we were at 17300 with lots and lots of pessimism with majority of the market participants looking towards 4800/16000 levels.   Suddenly a month later we are at 18870 which is a decent 8-10% from the bottoms with many stocks hitting new highs [...]

Markets Worried, Global Concerns, Rising Borrowing Rates, High Inflation —-Next Few Months an Excellent Time to Create a Portfolio

  Sensex Technical View: – > The volatility has increased in the index and yet again Sensex found resistance at the trendline. – > The drop has been sharp as before but what we see is contraction of the falls. If the current downmove is not able to break 17500-17700 [...]

Time to be Stock Specific. Sensex – Is it a false start or just the first attempt.

In Sensex Technical VIew

Sensex Technical view:   What seemed like a breakout a day back is now looking like a false start. But this move being the first hit on the trendline it would be too early to consider it a false start or a short term top.   Good supports are placed [...]

Sensex and Nifty breaks out above the trendline. Will it head to 19600/5900. Divis, Siemens, Glaxo, Gulf Oil Corp, Navneet publications

      As seen in the charts above both the indices have broken out above the trendline which has been a major resistance over the last so many attempts. In the near term the current move can see an extension to higher levels of 19600/5900. Upside to those levels [...]

Sensex nearing huge resistances – Book Profits/Stay on sidelines/Be Selective

Sensex Technical View:   The last time we fell to 17800 had a view to buy selectively. Recently at 17500-17300 we mentioned the view to be on the buying side as markets were highly oversold and sharp Check Link here   All the stocks mentioned have performed well [...]

Short Covering yet not over – Quick Technical Charts – Bajaj Auto , Hindustan Unilever , Atul Limited

Sensex Technical View : The intra day recovery from the lows makes it clear that the system is still full of shorts and the covering is yet not over and maybe a move above 18600-18700 is possible. Technically todays low 18323 becomes a good trading stop loss for long side [...]

Nifty Traps !! — Sensex gives better signals

We keep receiving queries about why is our Technical Analysis emphasizes on Sensex and we avoid putting up Nifty Charts.   So finally here i disclose the secrets in a quick checklist. – > Nifty does not show gaps – > Nifty has data only since 1994 – > Nifty [...]

Sensex Sharp Bounce as expected — Continue to look for stock specific opportunities

In Sensex Technical VIew

  In my last post had mentioned about RSI being oversold and we could have already seen a short term bottom or we are very close to it and advised selective buying. Read the full post here   Of the top index picks only Maruti has been on the weak [...]

BSE SMALL CAP , BSE MID- CAP and SENSEX — Huge Underperformance

In Sensex Small Cap Coverage

  This is one of the most interesting piece of statistic and will clearly suggest how the market sentiments regards fundamentals or how the definition of fundamentals changes with liquidity.         If we were to look in the below charts BSE Mid Cap and BSE Small Cap [...]

Sensex 17000-17300 Nifty 5120-5170 Very strong supports – Fear at a high. Selective Buying Advised.

    INDIA  VIX made a top day before yesterday with the sudden spike down. VIX tends to top at 25 levels and market bottoms out at such high vols. So we have either made a bottom or very close to it. Time for Selective Buying     RSI is [...]