Technical Analysis of Indian Equities by Nooresh


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Sensex – Time to turn Again towards 17k + with consolidation?

Sensex Technical View : The last posting i made on Sensex was last friday. Just pulling some of the lines below. Technically we should now pullback a bit from this band or at least take a pause for a few sessions. We would review the same in the middle of [...]

Sensex should pullback a bit from 17000-17250 band or at least pause/consolidate !

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Sensex Technical View: Just picking up the lines from the earlier detailed report of Sensex at 16k/ Global Indices /Crude crucially poised. Time to be optimistic not scared Even if one is bearish I would expect a bounce back to first set in from 16k levels. And if one is [...]

Reliance Inds Freak Trade- Nifty rocking Trades !

Sensex Technical View and Nifty Technical View : The moves in Sensex/Nifty have been so precise on technical charts it just seems either majority of the analysts are not seeing it or the belief in the knowledge is lacking. Because at 15900 we heard a lot of Bearish Voices and [...]

Karnataka Bank 15% – Midcap Banking Bullish and a few other charts

Sensex Technical View: As i had clearly mentioned in my detailed report few days back that index should retrace 50/61%. Today Index has come close to the 50% level so have advised booking profits to index traders at 5060-5080 June futures and 16950 Sensex. Although the move should ideally go [...]

Metals for bounce/Mid-cap Banking for medium term…. Sensex 16850/17250 resistance on upside.

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Sensex Technical View: Sensex made a low of 15960 ! which is approximately close to my worst case scenario of 15900. And as expected we have seen a sharp bounce from that zone. In my chart of probable Sensex move the minimum bounce should be somewhere closer to 50/61% retracement [...]

Consolidation in Index – Pullback in Metals like Hindalco/Sesa Goa

In Sensex Technical VIew

Sensex Technical View: Markets have staged a pullback today but the pressure would remain for the next few sessions with huge volatility. Good thing is 15900 is holding up. Continue to be on long side with medium term view for a bounce back. Stocks like Hindalco and Sesa Goa can [...]

RSI – Highly Oversold – A strong bottom to be made soon! and then Sharp Bounce

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Before i speak upon RSI and positive divergence it would be essential to mention that RSI as an indicator is generally lagging or too early. At this point of time it might be giving an early signal of a strong bottom being formed for the short term. Before we look [...]

Sensex at 16k/ Global Indices /Crude crucially poised. Time to be optimistic not scared

The presentation can be downloaded from the links below or go through the entire post. Sensex at 16.6k Time to be optimistic – – Powerpoint Show Sensex at 16k-16.6k , Time to be Optimistic not Scared.- PDF format The presentation in a post for people who dont like to download [...]

Sensex 17400-17600 should see resistance- Technical Analysis Training Workshop Mumbai

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Sensex Technical View : Just a quick update on chart as little busy of late so will just let the chart speak the view. As of now 17400-17600 area would be to book profits on the index trades if not already done and wait for a little dip. Stock specific [...]

Sensex Time Analysis – Is the bottom done or will be in next 5-8 sessions ?

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Although i am not done with the analysis this is just a quick view on the down moves and time analysis. Similar analysis helped us in finding bottoms at 15300/1550 last two times. So next 1 week could be buying time with a strict stoploss on index. Would be out [...]