Technical Analysis of Indian Equities by Nooresh


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First signs of weakness – Stop leverage and be cautious

In Sensex Technical VIew

Sensex Technical View : Around a week back had mentioned that Sensex could take a pause around 18k and the top was around 18047 which could have ideally gone around the upper channel at 18200 odd ( seen in Blue dots). The current move was channeled and lots of intra [...]

Sensex Cracks,Ion exchange Rocks —

In Sensex Technical VIew

Sensex Technical View : Sensex did see some jitters around the 18k mark as expected. In the near term 17700/17450 are levels to watch according to short term channels and trendlines. Also the last bottom is around 17480 as well as the 23.6% retracement of current move comes in that [...]

Sensex at 18k — Time to be Cautious Not Scared !!

SENSEX TECHNICAL VIEW : Points to Note : – > Sensex is now at the upper end of the parallel Channel. The range of this upper end is roughly 18000-18400. This channel identification only helped us being bullish at 15500-16000. – > Sensex has moved almost non stop from the [...]

Will Sensex pause around 18k – Seems So

      SENSEX TECHNICAL VIEW : As i have been mentioning for quite some time Sensex could look towards 18k as a resistance band. Till we dont close over 18400 it wont be a breakout.   I would continue to stick to the adage of reducing or avoiding leverage [...]