Technical Analysis of Indian Equities by Nooresh


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Sensex bounces from trendline. FMCG Stocks on breakout

  Sensex Technical View:   As seen in the chart with the arrows the trendline has yet again supported the market. On the upside we may watchout for the range of 18900.   Time to get stock specific as markets may now consolidate in a tight range but there could [...]

Sensex bounces back from 17800 !! Watchout for resistance at 18800.

Sensex has bounced back from our support levels as mentioned in our previous post.   We may now watch for resistance around 18800 levels.   Divis Labs one of our favorites has moved from 670-700 to 775 levels. Investors can now book half the qty and hold rest.   Back [...]

Sensex will soon near an interesting investment zone 17800 or 17100-17300. Smartlink does a first rewards with 30 + 2 rs dividend.

The postings would be on a stop in the end of the week mostly as have an important family function :) but finally after quite some time Sensex if dips more around 17300-17100 would be an excellent investment zone. Atlhough short term support at 17800.   Sensex Technical View : [...]

Sensex – RSI positive Divergence, Reliance Inds a major trend decider.

  Sensex Technical View: This may not be a great indicator to decide trades but currently it is showing positive divergence which indicates the current drop below 18160 does not have the strength so one may be careful with taking shorts. Although holding above 18000 can give a spike up [...]

SBI results a Cleanup – Sensex will it again pause or head to 17800/17300.

  Sensex Technical View:   With two shockers like SBI results and ONGC subsidy burden the two heavyweights led the breakdown. FInally some stocks have taken the lead on downside else market was going nowhere.   The near term trendline which was holding strongly has been broken as well as [...]

Sensex – Going Nowhere ! Orchid Chemicals breakout headed to 345.

  Sensex Technical View:   – > The short term trendline is still holding up but there is no follow up buying or selling to take this market to 17800 or 19000 levels. – > How long will the market stay in this band is :) need to be seen. [...]

Sensex reverses from the lows … No impact of Elections range of 18200-19000 broadly.

  Sensex Technical View: Last week had been suggesting about the importance of the 18200 support levels.   In todays trade yet again Sensex has bounced back from the lows closer to 18200.   Technical Observations: – > The gap at 18200 is filled and market is still closing [...]

Larsen and Toubro bounce back candidate. Sensex 18800-19000 resistance. Future Ventures 10% lower then issue price.

  Sensex Technical View: In our earlier post had mentioned that if Sensex holds above 18200 on thursday and friday then it could lead to a bounce back. On the upside now 18800-19000 remains an important resistance.     LNT looks a possible bounce back candidate to 1600-1650. Can buy [...]

Sensex ideally should find support at 18200 on closing basis else it may head to 17500-17800.

    Sensex major gap was done at 18220 which is now filled.   Expect markets to hold 18200 if it doesnt over the current and next session it may head to 17800-17500 also in worst case.   Investors may now look to deploy cash slowly at every dip. We [...]

RBI raises savings rates after nearly 2 decades and key rates by 50 bps—- Sensex 18218-18480 Breakaway gap supports.

As was mentioning that a 50 bps was being factored in but a savings rate change from 3.5% to 4% after 19 years by RBI was a big hit to the banks as well as the debt market exposure which impacts the broader market as well with lesser buyers for [...]