Technical Analysis of Indian Equities by Nooresh


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Small Cap Coverage – Bengal and Assam Company Limited – Value Pick

In Small Cap Coverage

The stock Bengal & Assam Company was earlier mentioned in a posting of investing in Holding Companies – A recent research done by a very experienced deep value investor – CA Laxmikant Kabra  has actually surprised me that such a deep value gem is available in the current market [...]

Small Cap Coverage – Andrew Yule Company

In Small Cap Coverage

Andrew Yule – Cmp 39-40   Buy at 38-39 with medium term to long term view.   Detailed view will be posted in the weekend.   Disclosure: Recommended to clients at 35-37 levels.

Small Cap Coverage Update – Bombay Burmah Trading Corporation Limited

In Small Cap Coverage

Few days back i had posted a coverage on Bombay Burmah Trading Corporation. The stock then quoted at 400-430 levels hit a 20% freeze today with a price of roughly 559 +. Well as all my stock picking is technically biased so many a times even in our fundamental medium [...]

Small Cap Coverage – Bombay Burmah Trading Corporation

In Small Cap Coverage

  Interestingly placed in the sector and seems pretty much an interesting bet with businesses ranging from tea,coffee,rubber, laminates. Also possible Land Bank and one of its subsidiary companies Leila Lands holds Britannia Limited. As well as various subsidiaries under Bombay Burmah hold interests in other Wadia group companies. A [...]

Ion Exchange – Follow up on Small Cap Coverage

In Small Cap Coverage

The stock ION EXCHANGE was last covered in April 2010 at 140 levels. We continue to maintain that it is a potential multi-bagger in the long run and can give superlative returns. Recently added the view also –  For the previous post read –    The stock is [...]

Small Cap Coverage- Camlin Limited and Navneet Publications

In Small Cap Coverage

After quite some time coming up with a small cap coverage. The last one was ION exchange which is still available at recommended price after moving up 20% quickly. Maintain the strong view on it for long term.   This time the two stocks which i am covering are in [...]

Small Cap Coverage – ION EXCHANGE —- Water story

In Small Cap Coverage

ION EXCHANGE As usual before i start my coverage on a new stock lets look into the previous ones — Accentia Tech – 120 to 300 + time to book fully though 350-400 can come. Surya Pharma 120-130 to 180 + …… Still an add on declines. Kovai Medi 90-100 [...]