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How to Survive a Market Crash in 2016 ?

In Sunday Thoughts

If this title excited you then you would be disappointed as am not writing nothing new. Taking some points from this article I wrote in June 2012 . Do read it. Back then some similar points today 1)  2 yr Germany treasury notes at negative yields in 2012. In [...]

Nifty 2016 is a very different animal from Nifty 2008 !!

In Sunday Thoughts

Over the last couple of days have seen a lot of discussions as to how Indian markets are possibly getting into a phase like 2011 ( my view ) and 2008 ( the fear view) and how a lot of sectors are so troubled. So everyone has a view from [...]

MultiBaggers – Google Trends crosses 2007 highs !!

In Sunday Thoughts

I got this idea from a whatsapp group where somebody showed a chart on Google Trends for the word multi-bagger and this data on circuits today ( not verified). 532 Stocks were on Upper ckt today-29 stocks were at 20%, 53 at 10% and 347 at 5%. Is this the [...]

Retail Trader/Investor Cycle and Equity Sentiment Cycle – Poll.

In Sunday Thoughts

This is very common with a lot of retail investors. Trying to buy stocks discussed on business channels/ blogs/ train talks and what not. Either they sell out on the first dip after the euphoria and miss out on the best multi-bagger or they hold something so long till it [...]

Financial Crimes and Best Discount Broking Alternatives in India.

In Sunday Thoughts

In my previous post -  Proprietary Investors Conference – Edelweiss and Kotak Notes – Kenneth Andrade’s Talk and More had mentioned about I do have a view on the Broking Industry and will write a post on it. But instead of writing just on broking trying to add some more [...]

Proprietary Investors Conference – Edelweiss and Kotak Notes – Kenneth Andrade’s Talk and More

In Sunday Thoughts

Recently I attended a couple of conferences for proprietary investors -Edelweiss #epic2015 and #KotakMidCapMeet15 focused on midcap companies. Both of which were very well conducted and saw participation of a lot of smart investors. It was a privilege to attend ! . I cannot write about the company meetings at [...]

Are we in a Bull Market ? I dont Think So !!

In Sunday Thoughts

For the last many months I continue to hear that India is in a Bull Market and with a new Government its a different era etc. We did get a good move in 2013-2014 but it was more selective in terms of many midcaps/smallcaps going up multi-fold but at the [...]

100 to 1 in Stock Market by Thomas Phelps – Review – Highly Biased and Glorified – Not Worth it.

In Sunday Thoughts

This has been one of the most talked about books across various Value Investing circles and will possibly lead to a lot of debates and me being thrashed. I am no great practitioner of Long Term Investing but trying to learn as much as possible so my views are totally [...]

You are the Slave of your House!!!

In Sunday Thoughts

This is a post totally opposite to the topics which I write. This is not on markets and is some crazy Sunday Thoughts. Its a biased/stupid/senseless view of a Full Time Equity Professional and in love with Equity who has bought a Flat recently part EMI ( ah tax benefits [...]

Indian Equity Markets – Bull Market with 60% stocks below 2008 highs ?

In Sunday Thoughts

In the last few months we have continously heard about how this Bull Market is here to last and how great it has been. ( There were hardly any believers of the Bull Market in March 2014 when we came out with this report - Indian Elections - Do they [...]