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Sunday Thoughts – Outcome and Process

In Sunday Thoughts

  Re-starting the Sunday Thoughts Category of Posts - A lot of timepass thoughts in my mind. Unusual moves in stocks. Miscellanous topics and anything under the sun. It will be either terribly boring or a little timepass. Have quite a few articles with this category before. Sunday Thoughts - [...]

#NSE rates broadcast issue. #BSE and #NSEFUT working fine

In Sunday Thoughts Timepass

  It seems today there is a big issue in price broadcast by NSE.   On the screen one can see a huge price difference in NSE and BSE   The trade execution is fine if you put a price closer to BSE prices.    Trade execution , order delivery [...]

Now is the Best Time for Successful Investors to give Gyaan on Investing.

In Sunday Thoughts

I had written a similar post couple of months back.  Best time for Advisors to show Performance Reports/CAGR to sell their services – Part 1   In the post we discussed as to how from the lows of August-October 2013 a random portfolio would have given a return of 130% [...]

#Sensex to touch 1,50,000 and Nifty 1,30,000 or 1,00,000 by 2030. Extrapolation !!

In Sunday Thoughts

In todays #CNBC Investor Summit this is what Mr Rakesh Jhunjhunwala commented or as it is mentioned on   Nifty will hit 1,30,000 by 2030: Jhunjhunwala Read more at:   This is what excites people :)   Only this Sunday i was tweeting about how a #Sensex targetting [...]

Lottery Tickets in Option – Read for Expiry Lottery Call.

In LEARN TA Sunday Thoughts

There is no better kick in trading then to buy a Call or a Put Option at 2-5 rs and sell it at 50 even if its just 1 lot. Also every expiry day or otherwise there are so many options which go up by 10/20/100/500 times.   If only [...]

ING Vysya Bank – Speculation or Insider Activity ?

This is the chart of ING VYSYA BANK     Things to note   -> Last many months the stock had a lot of resistance at 670. -> Last 3-5 sessions volumes go up by 3-5 times. -> Stock has moved up from 650 to 740 in last two days. [...]

Flipkart does 600 crores sales on Big Billion Day. HDFC Bank should make some money !!

In Sunday Thoughts

Everybody has been shouting, cursing, writing about the The Big Billion Day Sale of Flipkart.   So let me add some more bullshit on this :) Also after a 5 day weekend its anyways tough to focus on markets right away :)   I believe a lot of us have [...]

If only markets would go up and up, it would be so Easy !!

In Sunday Thoughts

Today the markets have taken a good 1-2% knock on large caps and 3-7% on midcaps and smallcaps.   Suddenly everyone is looking for reasons as to why it fell today. But for last few weeks when stocks were going up crazily nobody would look as to why the stock [...]

How much capital do you need to become a Full Time Trader in India ?

In Sunday Thoughts

On the face of it trading full time looks like one of the most fascinating careers for some simple reasons.   The Wow Factor   -> Market timings 9.00 to 3.30.   ( Wow a 6 1/2 hour working day. ) -> Work from home. ( Who wont love to work [...]

The thrill of Day Trading Gains- Instant Gratification

In Sunday Thoughts

One of the biggest things which attracts a lot of people to Day Trading is the thrill and chills it gives to the trader more than the absolute returns over a period of time.   We have over the years realized that purely day trading needs a lot of emotional [...]