Technical Analysis of Indian Equities by Nooresh


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We are in a Bear Market with a Bullish Sensex/Nifty

In a very recent report had mentioned how Indian Equity Markets were at an inflection point and we could see some big moves.   Sensex/Nifty was expected to bounce back and Nifty to target 6200-6300 levels. After making a low at 5580 the Nifty did move up to 6080-6090 levels [...]

Bloodbath in Midcaps – Difficult times – Capitulation

In Sunday Thoughts

In the last couple of sessions we are seeing a lot of midcaps which were holding on are suddenly collapsing with no major announcement or news in the stock. Tough times for investors.   Some of the stocks are as below   Havells down 15%   tv 18 down 8% [...]

Stock Trading is a very easy Business.

In LEARN TA Sunday Thoughts

Recently met a well paid guy from one of the industry ( dont want to name )  which is doing good , who wanted to quit his current job and get into equity markets as a full time trader because he was frustrated with his job . His experience - [...]

Future Ventures –A Holding Company at a Premium ! – Avoid

The primary market has never been of interest to me but while going through this superb advertising of the above IPO which states an IPO at par made me look into the company.   Without going into the details the company has some investments and with the fresh money will [...]

Takeover Code – A major concern in Indian Markets

This is a just an excellent idea by Dinesh Mehta one of our course participants and a value investor. He was also one of the person who suggested tatkal system to railways check this article - Article In Jagran Article In Jagran   Many deals like Indo Asian Fuse Gear, [...]

Doing Nothing is the Most Difficult Thing !

Sensex Technical View: The view remains as before. Sensex continues to hold on to the 200 dema at 18800 by making a couple of bottoms there in near term.The 200 dema is placed at 18800. But we need to see a sustaining move above 19150-19200 and followed by that a [...]

How to become a Good Stock Trader !

In Sunday Thoughts

As explained in my previous post that as a trader one should have a checklist or at least some bit of setup to trade else he is not doing serious business but just taking a chance.   This might be one of the most boring posts as it has no [...]

Small- Cap and Mid-Caps Rallied – Were you left looking at the Sensex !!!

Just a month back when Sensex hit 18000 around 3rd week of July which was suggested way back at 16000 levels in a detailed presentation it was assumed that its time to sitback and be on sidelines. Well Sensex indicated a possibility of topping out or coming in a riskier [...]

Sensex 17800 important support ! Stock Specific Action to Continue

  Sensex Time and Price Analysis: According to the Time Analysis we had projected a low to be made around May end few months back ! Similarly had mentioned about Sensex crossing 18k by 2-3 rd week of July.   Price and Time Analysis: In the last 8-10 months the [...]

Sensex 17900-18400 a zone to increase cash …Stay on Sidelines- Sunday Thoughts

In Sunday Thoughts

Sunday Thoughts: The street has finally turned bullish in the last few days with TV screaming about new high on the index for the year. Things look pretty good but why is it that a few weeks by it seemed preposterous to even think of 18k! Well this is how [...]