Technical Analysis of Indian Equities by Nooresh


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Now I expect Analysts to start getting a bit Bullish :)

Well just a few weeks back when we were at 18k the market consensus and majority of the analysts were gung ho about markets and prospects of the Indian economy and Global liquidity. Suddenly markets cracked 10% and at 16k the market consensus became too gloomy and talking about cockroaches [...]

Nifty Futures in Deep Discount of 25-30 points ?

In Sunday Thoughts

As i have always mentioned before i am not a great believer of OI data and other statistics as it changes every second and could be very deceptive rather then informative. In the last few sessions people consistently ask me that why Nifty futures is in deep discount. Reason being [...]

Cals Refineries Limited – A Multi-Beggar ??

In Sunday Thoughts

As there is sluggish movement in the index this gives me time to write on various topics going around in our market. Although i need not give an introduction to what the stock is as it is one of the most discussed stocks Of late i have stopped getting queries [...]

Farmax Retail – Another classic Pump and Dump – Sebi seems to be sleeping.

In Sunday Thoughts

Modus Operandi. 1) The stock price is artificially rigged up with volumes to create an illusion of a run up. 2) Volume increases dramatically so people start noticing the stock and punting in it. 3) Send in a SMS to a huge list. Database is available for demat holders for [...]

Sunday Thoughts: Patience is must for Traders/Investors

In Sunday Thoughts

There is a major problem with traders and investors either the lack patience or the discipline. In the last few months since January to May the swings of the Sensex have been wild. But the range has been roughly between 15500 to 18000. At the same time the months from [...]

Sugar Stocks – Shree Renuka Sugars, Bajaj Hindustan, Balrampur Chini — The rise and the Fall !

In the last couple of weeks i have got numerous queries on whether to buy Sugar stocks or not ! The answer is its difficult to tell when will it bounce back and its always dangerous to catch a falling knife. Although some days back i had mentioned a possibility [...]

Are you ready for the next mid-cap/small-cap RALLY !!

The after-effects of the super upmove in midcaps/smallcaps in 2007 and a subsequent crash in 2008/2009 can still be seen in the investor sentiment. Any 20% move in small cap scares of people that are we in for a topping out ?? But the data seems to say different things. [...]

Re-visiting ThinkSoft, Texmo Pipes,syncom healthcare – Pump and Dump technique

In Sunday Thoughts

Although the above stocks are not worth discussing about but the modus operandi to fool retail investors or speculators makes it all the more interesting. As i have suggested before i dont like writing on manipulations as its not profitable but in one sense its a good eye-opener for readers. [...]