Technical Analysis of Indian Equities by Nooresh


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Larsen and Toubro bounce back candidate. Sensex 18800-19000 resistance. Future Ventures 10% lower then issue price.

  Sensex Technical View: In our earlier post had mentioned that if Sensex holds above 18200 on thursday and friday then it could lead to a bounce back. On the upside now 18800-19000 remains an important resistance.     LNT looks a possible bounce back candidate to 1600-1650. Can buy [...]

DLF,SBI and Tata Steel … Tae

4 charts and view on them . CLICK TO ENLARGE !!! Take your own call as per market conditions. Can take trades on short side only if stocks stay below breakdown levels for some time. Keep strict stops. Nothings changed on Sensex so view remains sameSensex Technical View :Sensex Technical [...]