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Opportunities in Bear Markets and Consolidations post 1992, 2000, 2008 and 2020.

In Technical Analysis

In our previous post Equity–Never been so Bad so Quick. What Next ? we looked at how the current fall has been the fastest and deepest in a long time. Although every Bear Market where Index falls 30-60% and Broader Markets 40-70% is different but what we have noticed is [...]

Nifty50 is a Different India. Economy not Equal to Nifty50!!

In Technical Analysis

My earlier articles on this topic 1) Nifty 2016 is a very different animal from Nifty 2008 !! 2) The Ship of Theseus Paradox – Nifty 2008 and Nifty 2016 3) This Time its Different–Nifty 50 A very recent article where we looked at how its Never been so bad [...]

Online Technical Analysis Course–Rs 6000 for 1 year Access

In Technical Analysis

The Full Course on Technical Analysis is now uploaded and can be bought digitally with 1 year access to the recordings. The Course is divided into 4 sections Section 1 – Introduction to Basic Technical Analysis Concepts. Section 2 – . Technical Analysis Chart Patterns, Indicators, Trendlines.  Section 3  –  [...]

Time to be Cautious on Pharma and FMCG

In Technical Analysis

The best recovery in the current move has been in Pharma and FMCG. This has always been the case in the first recovery after the downleg the defensives do really well. If the view is the current bounce should pause at 50% of the recovery say 10k max , pharma [...]

KRBL Limited–Pledged Shares selling creates a Bottom

In Technical Analysis

  Continuation from previous post – Insider Buying–A good way to hunt for Companies to Research. A small product offering designed by Harsh – Base Price min Rs 300 Rest – Pay as you want for next 2 months. Will decide cost as after improvisations as per feedback   – ( [...]

Insider Buying–A good way to hunt for Companies to Research.

In Technical Analysis

What is an Insider ? Insider Trading means trading in the shares of a company by the persons who are in the management of the company or are close to them on the basis of undisclosed price sensitive information regarding the workings of a company, listed on a recognised Stock [...]

Nifty at 5000 or 7500 on downside or 10000 or 12000 on Upside –Take Your Guess.

In Technical Analysis

There have been a lot of targets for Nifty across the board. Some will talk about 5000-7500 and some bullish will be at 1000-12000. In our last post we looked at how Broader Markets are very close to the pain as it had seen in 2008. Nifty Calculator – Download [...]

Equity–Never been so Bad so Quick. What Next ?

In Technical Analysis

The current move has beaten all historical records. Did not expect it to be 2008 but the ferocity of the move and the nature has broken 2008 records. The move is a case of liquidation and panic with no logic as there has been not even a few days of [...]

What Happens When Nifty is Highly Oversold–Opportunity for Medium Term.

In Technical Analysis

In our earlier post –S&P 500 and VIX–Fear at 10-25 Year Highs–Time to Buy and be Contrarian we looked at how US markets have priced in a lot of fear. Nifty had not hit oversold levels but now it has hit a RSI of 23-25 and is now Highly Oversold. [...]

Smallcaps showing Strength for the first time since 2018

In Technical Analysis

What is interesting in the current #mayhem is #SmallcapIndices have fallen in-line with the #Nifty. In earlier drops, we would generally see 1.5-2.5 x the Nifty moves in #SmallcapIndices. Look back into #smallcaps you liked and missed in December. Ever since 2018 the Ratio Chart of Smallcap/Nifty has continued to [...]