Technical Analysis of Indian Equities by Nooresh


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App Review – STOCK EDGE – Good for Quick Data Analysis.

In Technical Analysis

This is an interesting app which I use once in a while when am not in front of the system or travelling to get a quick view on some stocks and other data. ( Mainly coz I prefer using a Personal Computer to a Laptop or a Phone). Also have [...]

Best Equity & Derivative Trading Blogs India

In Technical Analysis

After a post on   Best Investing Blogs India we try to cover the blogs on Technical Trading in Indian Equities. The number of bloggers in India on trading are much higher but the quality of content is not great and most are focused on Levels and post mortem analysis. Very [...]

Stocks on Radar – Karnataka Bank , ENIL, Mahindra & Mahindra , Tata Global , Kwality Limited

In Technical Analysis

Just a few charts which are on radar   Mahindra & Mahindra The only Auto stock from our detailed report on Nifty Auto Index  which has not gone closer to targets. Bajaj Auto, HeroMoto, Maruti and Tata Motors have done a superb move on expected lines.  Tata Global ---- A laggard [...]

Railways Stocks on Radar – Texmaco Rail and Titagarh Wagons

In Technical Analysis

Although there are many stocks related to the Railways theme but the two liquid names - Texmaco Rail and Titagarh Wagons Limited look interesting technically. Disclosure - The stock has been recommended in Analyse India Big Value 3.0 , Technical Traders Club and Quickgains  Titagarh Wagons - Good price and [...]

Breakout Stocks – Jain Irrigation , Reliance Capital, LIC Housing , HSIL.

In Technical Analysis

In this post looking at stocks which have shown good price and volume breakouts after a good consolidation of a year or more. Disclosure - all the stocks have been recommended in Technical Traders Club some days back and its a biased view. Please do your own assesment/risk management and [...]

Price and Volume Breakouts –Aurobindo Pharma , Marksans Pharma, Hikal, Godrej Inds, Shriram City Union, Himatsingka Seide and more

In Technical Analysis

Before i start this post , would like to remind that markets are in momentum and a lot of stocks could be in a move which may or may not sustain. So if you are not good at risk management, discipline and stop losses be very selective and careful. Price [...]

How to read an Annual Report on Evernote

For the last few years have been trying to learn more on analyzing business and valuations. Have been lucky to meet a lot of smart investors and analysts. Every fundamental analyst or an investor you meet would tell you how important it is to read annual reports. There are some [...]

#Brexit–Did you buy the dip ? Why ?

In Technical Analysis

I am not an economist or a very knowledgeable person to understand the short term / long term or whatever impacts of #brexit and #rexit. But the online media was unanimous as to how every investor should buy the dip and so on. This tweet by Manoj Nagpal shows that [...]

Stocks on Radar – Bajaj Auto, Cipla, Godrej Consumer,Tech Mahindra and Mahindra & Mahindra

In Technical Analysis

Some stocks on radar in the Nifty 50 and Nifty next 50 index. Bajaj Auto --- Huge Consolidation Can breakout in the future. Cipla - Bottoming out ?     Godrej Consumer -- Good breakout but lacking volumes. Can it follow up in coming days.   Mahindra & Mahindra --- [...]

‪#‎Nifty‬ headed to 4500 in this year. ‪#‎BankNifty‬ 8000 ‪#‎RBI ‬to hike rates by 100 bps in this year.

In Technical Analysis

  This is a big surprise thing that is happening for sure in 2016. This new financial year will be full of surprises. As per this Donkey Vomiting Pattern Nifty headed to 4500. Bank Nifty headed to 8000 RBI to hike rates by 100 bps this year.     DO [...]