Technical Analysis of Indian Equities by Nooresh


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Cash is also a Position. Traders need to Survive Corrections.

  Sensex Technical View: The last 2 weeks have been one of the worst periods for Sensex in terms of the magnitude of the fall as well as the time period. The rise from 19074 to 20665 took 15-16 sessions but the whole has been removed in less then 10 [...]

How to become a good Stock Trader –Article 2 – Risk-Reward Ratio

The major problem which a trader faces problem is to follow a disciplined approach. In all my previous posts i have been mentioning about discipline,strategy though i rarely get time to put in more details on the trading part of analysis as well as people are more interested in stock [...]

DLF,SBI and Tata Steel … Tae

4 charts and view on them . CLICK TO ENLARGE !!! Take your own call as per market conditions. Can take trades on short side only if stocks stay below breakdown levels for some time. Keep strict stops. Nothings changed on Sensex so view remains sameSensex Technical View :Sensex Technical [...]