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Interesting Tweets to Read – December 2016

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Some people – #Investing is buying X stock because a supposed #ValueInvestor bought the X stock :) & call it #research #fundamentalanalysis— Nooresh Merani (@nooreshtech) December 21, 2016 If HDFC bank trended to lower PEs when growth slowed over 2014-16, why not HFC’s, MFI’s & NBFC”s over 2016-18?Why catch a [...]

Interesting Tweets of the Week – 10th August 2015

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Although was out of town for the last 4 days of the previous weekend but did favorite a few tweets today to check on. Might have missed some interesting ones but it is better to be disconnected from the net into the nature to refresh your mind.     Ray [...]

QuickTwits – Interesting Tweets of last week – 27th July 2015

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    SBI wrongly credits woman Rs.95,700 Crores !! #SBI — alphaideas (@alphaideas) July 27, 2015     1 in 3 jobs created in last 10 years from Real Estate. Now RE in shambles. RBI should cut rates by 2% & Developers shld drop prices by 20%. — P.N.VIJAY [...]

Twitter Updates.

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In the last couple of days we have focused on quick short term trades for clients.   Some of them had been updated on Twitter –     Some of the tweets as below.     Also am looking at for young interns who would be needed for some [...]