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Fear hit a 10 year High around the World !

This is the guest post which i had written two weeks back but somehow missed updating on our website due to some network error and forgot. So posting it right now. The link for the post written on 14 October is as below.   Fear hit a 10 year high [...]

India Vix and Nifty Co-relation — Super Contra Trades

  India Vix and Nifty Co-relation :   The basic co-relation between INDIA VIX and Nifty is an inverse one. So if VIX hits a high implies Nifty will bottom out but how much VIX will you expect to give the Nifty bottom ? Well thats where expertise of Analyse [...]

Alert – India VIX trading at 37 levels and ATM Vols at 38-40 – Buy staggered at 4720-4820 and 4550 worst case.

In VIX – Volatilty Index

Update sent to clients at 4820-4830 Please find attached a chart on INDIA VIX which clearly suggests extreme panic. – > The last two three times INDIA VIX was above 32 was on 09/08/2011 – Nifty was 4950-500 it bounced to 5195 and next on 26/08/2011 it traded at 32 [...]

Alert – INDIA VIX at 33-34 levels . ATM Vols also at 31 and OTM vols 35-38 % – Panic indicator at high buy staggered or in sharp declines.

In VIX – Volatilty Index

    The VIX made a high of 36-37 in previous panics as shown in chart.   ATM vols of 4900 around 31% OTM vols  put 4600-4700 at 36-37 % OTM Vols of calls at 28-29%   The markets are pricing in sharp moves to the extent of 5-7% indicating [...]

The risk remains !! – No reversal signs yet. Stock Pickers Market.

  INDIA VIX —— Volatilities did hit a high of 37 levels where we have seen some panic bottoms but with current scenario we need to watch for any undue movement on VIX above 30 as signal of some capitulation coming in.     SENSEX —- Breakdown below 17300 confirmed  [...]

Capitulation – Markets pricing in 2008 ? – Time to stay alert for opportunities

                    Bottomline – 1) Technical Breakdown seen on Nifty but the indicators like RSI, India VIX, Leverage and volumes suggests markets highly oversold in the near term. 2) We may now need to wait for 3-4 sessions as to how Nifty/Sensex [...]

Budget 2011 – Wishful Thinking with VIX and Sensex !!

Below i am trying to just look into VIX index which gives a good idea of sentiments and Bse Sensex which gives a technical idea.   BSE SENSEX : Budget 2010 Last time in Budget 2010 the index had made a very clear Inverted Head and Shoulders pattern which was [...]

VIX – Suggests a strong directional move in January

If you see the chart above is a imposition of VIX ( Volatility Index ) and Nifty. In the last few weeks the markets have gone silent with markets not doing much and Volatility Index coming down to low levels. Ideally VIX should indicate what the market thinks and for [...]