Technical Analysis of Indian Equities by Nooresh


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Micro technology

In Technical Analysis

See how technical analysis worksRepeat stock which dint break 225 then seems solid for break now ...shud close above 220 for a couple of days aor sustain above 225 tgt 260+++gr8 fund buying done good fundas best future sector... nice investment also long term ...

Some good stocks… .

In Technical Analysis

Sorry no charts no time .. neways if u ppl like da writeups write in some commentsITD cement overcorrected ... Please fundamental people keep a check on thsi counter n lemmeknow if u hav done some real in depth analysis...SKUMARs i like the stock can move up netime play big [...]

GAIL invest bottom channel

In Technical Analysis

As i had shown the chart of HLL earlier at bottom of channel...HLL bounced back frm 230 -225 levels to 255 levels in a week or so..Similarly the chart of GAIL seems to be bottoming out keep a stoploss of 245 on closing .. n buy for a tgt of [...]

Global Tele (GTL) invest..

In Technical Analysis

This is one more good IT stock which can move up in coming months .. Looks set for a brekout above 150 levels ... Go for it and keep adding on dips....will put up the chart coz writin frm office where i cant c charts..

Orchid Chemicals

In Technical Analysis

keep a watch on this stock can now be added the indicators show a sign of breakout above 220 whcich we were waiting out for ..checkout da chart givne a couple of weeks back with geodesic . Orchid cudnot break 220 on upper side n fell donw now it hit [...]

Caution For All Undrstnd wat is good n wat is not….

In Technical Analysis

When evry Tom Dick n Harry starts runnning on the bourses pull up ur sleeves get to groundwork check what u r buying ...Coz when markets are in a good mood many things wud loook attractive especially junk which u ll hav to chase .. and end up being the [...]

Few charts for coming days

In Technical Analysis

I think i hav been marketing the co i m working for a long time now frm 160 levelsnow abt to breakout of a long channel go invest again... also i like prithvi info , tulip It ,geodesic , global tele and basically mid cap IT look very strong in [...]

REVIEW of TECH picks

In Technical Analysis

Click here to check all these stocks for yourself There are a lot of stocks to write about these are a few i hav updated with charts ..Rayban written buy arnd 87 sl 85 low 85.05 hit 95 next day looks good for more...Emkay share frm 73 to 89 in [...]

Solar explosives over corrected..

In Technical Analysis

Solar explosives a good stock has over corrected in the correction ... Its now trying to come out of the dumps to a more reasonable levels.. Buy as an investment for medium term or for quick trading as good volumes expected in coming days..

Varun Shipping wedge..

In Technical Analysis

Varun shipping a good stock is now coming in demand again with a lil rise in volumes.. A wedge formation and change in volumes good time to pick it low.... Buy for a a target of 85++ in short term..