Technical Analysis of Indian Equities by Nooresh


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In Technical Analysis

550 crucial level and trend decider …

Union double top also

In Technical Analysis

105 support … simlar double top then fall now 61.8% orchestrated in all stocks …


In Technical Analysis

One more 61.8% candidate expect bounce over corrected …


In Technical Analysis

Support at 365 … lookout for investment

Hindalco 160 bottom

In Technical Analysis

Hindalco on trendline support at 160 …

corporation bank

In Technical Analysis

Another of corected stocks

Sensex and nifty charts

In Technical Analysis

As I had written previously the sensex facing trouble at 14100 levels and from these levels we could see a fall of 500-1000 points . check this out… Boldly written buy puts hedge ur longs at least … see what happened to puts today circuit n what not …. [...]

Weird stocks

In Technical Analysis

GG Dandekar ( Bse code 505250 ) …Todays volume 24 lakhs delivery 97 % total trades 314 total equity 46 lakhs … who ate so much or promoter playing games…Realty play in it ??/ find out n lemme know details …. Yesterday circuit in 10 mins 20% .. Hardly trades [...]


In Technical Analysis

Sensex and nifty correcting as reqd ..Stoploss for short to medium term longs .. 13250 supp0rt and 12950 ..PG Foils sumthings cooking keep track 20% freezes on cards..Educomp close above 665 to tgt 800+

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In Technical Analysis

The reco stocks which are gettin ready for run up ICICI , ONGC , SIEMENS , IPCL , LNT , BHEL etc and many nifty stocks in good shape …So waiting for them to either breakout so we can see a spurt of 200-400 points on sensex..If we see weakening [...]