Technical Analysis of Indian Equities by Nooresh


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REVIEW of TECH picks

In Technical Analysis

Click here to check all these stocks for yourself There are a lot of stocks to write about these are a few i hav updated with charts ..Rayban written buy arnd 87 sl 85 low 85.05 hit 95 next day looks good for more…Emkay share frm 73 to 89 in [...]

Solar explosives over corrected..

In Technical Analysis

Solar explosives a good stock has over corrected in the correction … Its now trying to come out of the dumps to a more reasonable levels.. Buy as an investment for medium term or for quick trading as good volumes expected in coming days..

Varun Shipping wedge..

In Technical Analysis

Varun shipping a good stock is now coming in demand again with a lil rise in volumes.. A wedge formation and change in volumes good time to pick it low…. Buy for a a target of 85++ in short term..

Emkay share

In Technical Analysis

A risky bet something like earn or burn..Chart is fine no idea abt da fundas coz dint appreciate much after da listing…So risky traders can go for it ….

rayban sunglass ..

In Technical Analysis

Range bound movement buy at lower end of 85 stoploss 82..In the current rally of mid n small it can break above 94 levels So either wait for 94 break or buy at 85 for 94..

Praj inds my fav ethanol …

In Technical Analysis

Praj inds is one stock i hav been recommending frm 160 levels as a long term tech fundoo pick… After breaking the triangle formation some days back .,. It did correct … But as my principle of Techncial analysis :::: ” Shorter The correction Bigger the Appreciation ” .. Implies [...]

Centurion bank shud participate in da bank rally

In Technical Analysis

Centurion Bank has been moving in a range of 24 – 26 for quita few weeks Looks like it would break above 27 .. Buy on break above 27 and then it shud hit highs for da year… It should sustain and close above the 27 level for confirmation of [...]

L&T evergreen gettin lushier…

In Technical Analysis

L&T a eveergreen stock looks good for run again …long term it can go up only so .. again .. keep buying..L&T is the biggest and the safest bet u can hav …No worries gem of a stock if u hav patience …currently seems a good medium term pick.,..

Sun Tv keep watch 1300 break…

In Technical Analysis

sun tv good on charts above 1300 or buy for 1300…

Mtnl long term story… short bounce…

In Technical Analysis

Mtnl i like this stock for a very long term period.,… The only co to hav the infrastructure for iptv , broadband ,, etc for widespread use … new tech can be used… Rit now at support areas buy calls n fno for a bounce.. short bounce on cards..