Technical Analysis of Indian Equities by Nooresh


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Natco Pharma ….

In Technical Analysis

Had recommended the stock a few days back now its turn for it to breakout … Buy for a tgt of 140 ++.. good for trading .. somebody if knows about the fundas please post it .. heard sumthin cookin on that front.

Andhra Bank .. banking rally..

In Technical Analysis

Andhra Bank has not participated in the rally … Well the only FnO banking stock not running .. If sustains above 96 a quick tgt of 102-109++ So lookout for it..

Aurobindo Pharma ..good

In Technical Analysis

Slow mover can move anytime in 2 weeks buy for delivery or futures on breakout or lower levels tgt 675 ++Stocks To Watch tomorrow..1) hinduja tmt .. spurt possible2) Wockhardt breakout done intraday fno..3) risky intra plays ..elnet technology ..nagreeka lokesh machinesRajasthan spinning..

indo Asian fusegear .. citbank

In Technical Analysis

Indo Asian Fusegear.. One very good fundamental stock which was pulled up in MAY worst phase … The stock was pulled up by promoters selling and funds buying citgroup especially picked up stake at different levels .. 264 and 318 et c… in August al fiis sold of at 131-138 [...]

grasim Inds .. nearing channel…

In Technical Analysis

Grasim should ideally bounce back from 2650 levelsIf it breaks that level in market correction ..expect bloodbath and panic selling..Well markets can turn weak so shud be ready for it..

Hindalco @ support…

In Technical Analysis

Hindalco was previously recommended as a buy for quick gain above 190.50it gave a kinda false breakout as it cudnot sustain above that level n closed below it..Now the stock is nearing the bottom of channel will break it also ..The stock can be bought closer to 175 with stoploss [...]

Midcaps n small caps to shine

In Technical Analysis

The market seems to be gettin into exuberance now..This directly implies that midcaps n small caps wil keep overperforming for a few days …Also on charts so many of the midcaps n small caps on verge of fresh bullish breakouts the list is getting longer ..everyday i go thru charts [...]

Jet airways for money only ….

In Technical Analysis

Jet Airways Not my favourite stock but evry1 is in da market for money … Is it change of fortunes ( not ruled out yet )… or bounce on cards … watver be it above 640 tgt 670 and 700 +++ … buy for trading … no funda value… if [...]

Mahindra gesco to cum out of consolidation

In Technical Analysis

MAHINDRA GESCO another real estate play looks as if will break above 835 soontgt 900 ++ on break …pure trading pick .. can play as much as u want..

Noida toll long term bet short term gain poss

In Technical Analysis

breakout above 42 to tgt 50 soon … watchout…