Technical Analysis of Indian Equities by Nooresh


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The Curious Case of Glenmark Pharma and Favipiravir.

In Technical Analysis

The number of articles on Favipiravir and Glenmark Pharma have shot through the roof and almost everyone news sites, magazine,business channels have covered it. The message went viral on whatsapp groups. With almost no knowledge on Medical Terms I will be looking at the topic from a perspective of– 1) [...]

Quick Technical Analysis of Nifty50,BankNifty. IndiaVix still at 30 & other Indices.

In Technical Analysis

A quick look at Index charts. Nifty50 61.8% retracement at 10550. Last top at 10330 and gaps at 10330/10750. Good Volumes on upticks indicates trend is still up. Expect some tough time around 10550/10750. Time to ride but be alert and cautious. Be Nimble to turn quickly. Bank Nifty Quite [...]

Sector on Radar–Fertilizers–Chambal Fertlizers, Deepak Fertilizers, GNFC

In Technical Analysis

The momentum in fertilizer started with the largest company in the sector – Coromandel Fertilizers which recovered the fastest and hit a new 52 week and all time high. A lot of agrochemicals and agri related companies have seen new 52 week highs – Rallis India, PI , Dhanuka etc. [...]

Double Dip or New Bottom or a Higher Bottom in Nifty ?

In Technical Analysis

Every time the Nifty will take a negative day in coming days, we will start hearing about the Double Dip in Nifty and how the bottom at 7511 is going to be broken in the next attempt or we need to at least test it. So will we have a [...]

Quick Charts–Nifty, Bank Nifty & Stock Performance from March bottom to June.

In Technical Analysis

As I write this post the Dow Jones is down 1000 points and Nifty has reversed 300-400 points from recent highs. Had given an Alert signal for people to be careful –  Before the post  a Reminder. Pro Masters Virtual: Join live summit on Friday, June 12 at 5 [...]

Nifty at 11000 or 9000 – Take your Guess . Banks and Financials down to 33% weight from 40.

In Technical Analysis

  In our last post on the calculator Nifty at 5000 or 7500 on downside or 10000 or 12000 on Upside –Take Your Guess. Now we are at 10k. Now another time to take a guess where to 9000 or 11000. You can try going beyond this range too.  Nifty [...]

Liquidity effect greater than Covid19 for Nifty50, leading to Sector Rotation.

In Technical Analysis

In our earlier post we had looked at Economy is Not Equal to Nifty50 Nifty now back at 10k from the highs of 12400 and lows of 7500. Most of the global indices have now recovered more than 50-60% of the fall. Nasdaq has hit a new all time high. [...]

Short and Long – Asian Paints , Berger Paints,JSW Energy & Tech Mahindra

In Technical Analysis

Some charts on radar. Good follow up on some of the names covered in last two posts. Trading Range Breakouts & Charts on Radar ASIAN PAINTS Leadership stock now finally seems to be losing the momentum. Fastest recovery in april and now lagging. 1750-1800 a resistance zone for a short [...]

Technical Charts on Radar– Biocon , Adani Ent, NAM INDIA and Motilal Oswal

In Technical Analysis

Biocon limited – all time highs … quite a few attempts to cross 367 adani ent – price and volume breakout but a volatile stock.   nam india – earlier reliance nippon – Double bottom reversal on cards. Motilal Oswal – Good consolidation. Continue to like broking and asset management [...]

Trading Range Breakouts on Radar –Apollo Tyres,NMDC,Motherson Sumi, Zee,ONGC and Hindustan Oil Exploration

In Technical Analysis

Quite a few stocks making a sideways range for last 10 days and 2 months. Some of them near breakouts. Such a trade is supposed to be with strict stops. The reason to post these charts is a lot of these charts if they sustain higher implies some sort of [...]