Technical Analysis of Indian Equities by Nooresh

Allsec Technology ……………………………………….


Allsec Technologies is one more IT stock apart frm tulip IT , Hexaware ,

Prithvi infotech which i like if u read my previous posts..

Now its all set to break out of a consolidation range ...

If sustains above 265 buy in truckloads for a target of 280- 300+++++

I like this stock n one of the few stock which even i made an entry ...

People plz put in ur comments its allowed to all need not be bloggers...

Intra Day stocks :

If u see todays stock elnet and lokesh were on circuit , wockhard dint move much .. but still possible..

Apart from that gesco 20%%%%%% cool na

1) geodesic info ..( frsh entry again )
buy for circuit 5% .

2) educomp n tulip lookout for a quick buck..

3) Krbl .. 160 ++possible..

Lookout for LnT and hindalco in Fno.....

buy calls of hindalco... 185 strike at 2re tgt 5+

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