Technical Analysis of Indian Equities by Nooresh

View on sensex n nifty

The sensex makes a bottom at 13180 level we were looking for 13150 approx by our fibonacci analysis ... Thats not bad..

Now as we see on nifty we are making good bottoms at 3780 so our intermdiate stoploss stays .. 3760 ...

Above all if u see indices not performing but a majority of stocks performing ...

Thats what is call ed stock specific which m saying for long now...

Current view is we can see a bounce frm these levels to 13600 levels possibly but the trend doesnt get bullish b4 we sustain 13800 keep that mind ...

IT stocks n IT training on fire check this

Stocks for gains :

1) Allsec , Niit tech , Patni , Scandent above 135 in IT look out ....

2) Dishamn Pharma n elder

3) Etc and jagran going fine

4) PTC i repeat 54 level ...

5 ) Timken India virgin stock ....

Circuit hitters ...

1) Ncl Inds

2) IITl

3) Epic enzymes

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