Technical Analysis of Indian Equities by Nooresh


Suzlon has closed near long term support..i.e frm its IPO ...

IF the markets stay bullish for few days then this stock can be bought for a bounce with a small stoploss...
In weaker markets if it stays below 960 levels then expect 910 levels...61.8% area...The best time for long term investors ..

HLL after completing the head and shoulder pattern the stock exactly retraced the lines and now if markets stay bullish expect it to bounce keep a stop around 192 and buy arnd 195 -198 ...
This is just a short term bounce ideally it would be available later at attractive prices of 180-185 which is a good price for long term investors...

( call me btwn 4-9 .... except 6.45 -7.20 for queries n services...)

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