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Market View : Lets start with DOW JONES ...Some days ago we had written in our post Who says US economy is going to the dogs ...

" It will face stiff resistance at 12550 region and cosnsistently closing above 12600 levels could take us to newer highs in coming months ...... "

So here we are DOW Jones hitting new highs.. Check out the post to see the charts ...

Sensex View : 13800 -14100 is the area where should reach in this rally ...Keep trailing stoplosses to longs and be stock specific.

Technical Analysis Session in MUmbai April 21-22 ":

This would be our last session for the month and maybe next we will have in the month of MAy or later so those who r seriously interested do enroll urself or wait for more time...

Delhi May 19-20

Hyderabad 12-13 MAy ...AHmedabad n Kolkatta people get in touch...

Hind oil Exploration hits 20% written about RJ stake ......Dabur moves achieves 1st tgt 99 now 103++ ..Ramsarup inching up ...Biocon if stays above 535 expect huge move..Jyoti structures safe pick running cool 182 to 205 ...Sygenta book profits.. frm 460 to 570 safe pick.....

Global Vectra stoploss at 240 ...TV today achieves good tgts...ENIL hold...Fenoplast frm 24 to 32 non stop book profits...

Long term bets zooming ...Alpha Geo frm 160 to 297 cool na...Aban lloyd from 1200 to 2300 ...Aptech sayin for so long if u dont have it in ur portfolio u are missing something frm 150 to 289 ...Educomp from 600 to 1390 !!! 1st reco at 350...Keep an eye on jetking the next in line...MAny such recos have come from our side hope everyone enjoying keep seeing our investment ideas ...

Speculation : keep watch on matrix labs maybe Rj again above 185 one side move technically good formation ...Deep inds punters say 1 more circuit...

Stocks for trade:

Reliance energy above 522 tgt 532 -540

Sci only above 175.5 tgt 179-185

Matrix Labs above 185 tgt 190-198 +



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