Technical Analysis of Indian Equities by Nooresh

Essar Oil ………………..Guj Alkalies …..enjoy

Essar Oil huge buying on ....seen in last minutes of FNO trade on friday .,....All set for tgt
of 63-66 and 73 ..............Buy back delisting etc what is the floor price and what should be the price for the buyback how much % up check syngenta etc cases ....Funda guys good stuff for u all to analyse ....I am satisfied by the chart :)...

Disclosure : Clients long since 2-3 days given accumulate call will initiate add more in momentum 🙂

Guj Alkalies eralier recommended at 118-120 levels when trend was about to change now all set for blast in this month watch out will give superlative gains if u have the patience to hold for 2-3 weeks ..

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