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Sensex View :

We maintain till the channel is on we are set to hit the higher side of the channel which is still at 15k levels...So keep raising your stoplosses and stay selectively long..

ESS DEE Aluminium hits 20%%% freeze ......Investment call at 290 now 445 ....Call given to clients to book more then half holding and rest tomorrow... 50% return in less then 6 weeks....Slow safe and then vrooooooom...

Alpha Geo hits yet another 52 week high ....Mukta Arts at 110 , Oil country 44 all giving 70% returns in less then 3 mths 🙂 ...still more left ..

TATA Elexsi moves 10% call given at 295 now 360 still can give 50% from here in a years time....Said to shift half or more from UTV ( though its going beyond tgts ) ....COmpounding effect ......Investments have no limit for the targets just enjoy the flow.....

Wyeth , Aventis , EIH , Glaxo our slow movers for fixed deposits good will give the 20-25% in next 6 mths..

Well i would stop the multibaggers here....Look into the archives to find some like Pennar , ABG etc which are still left ./....

Stocks for now

Sterling BIO said buy n forget for June moves 5%%% ......still more steam left forget if u hold or sel when u get our 10% in this FNO stock......We talk in percent guys....I dont like to play for 2 rs or just pay brokerage more then the gains by trading a lot ...

Thats why i do not advise much of trading in NIFTY ...well u r playing for 0.2-.5 % .....when u can find a 10% gainer with 2% stoploss in normal derivative stock 🙂 ...

Intra day calls given to clients Hind Oil , RIIL hit upper freeze took them home....Broadcast and Blue bird too..

Guj Alkalies jumps back with strength now see the blast soon....

Stocks for trade :

Hind Oil exploration buy on opening bell to sell at 112 -115 ...

Reliance Industrial Infra buy on opening bell to sell at 5% upper freeze...

Weird Idea :

Buy Adani Ent half at tomorrows lower freeze and other half at next lower freeze if it comes and forget for 3 mths ....The company's current fundamentals dont change because of some cheating it did 6 yrs back .....And fundamentally below 200 its going for nothing ..

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