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The money is in stocks…………..not the index…..

Sensex bounce to 14300-14500 levels maintained... good bottom formation has been seen on the lower side on sensex and nifty charts ... but i dont see much power into the current bounce ... Stay light or rather stay heavy but in certain specific stocks...I would say keep avoiding trading in index and use it as hedging tool only .... Be selective...

Autos have taken their hit and IT stocks did their bounce....People used to ask me i wanna buy infosys ...I would tell them buy Aptech , Jetking , NIIT ltd.... Now see what has happened ...Simple rationale IT may see growth problems , margin problems in future by dollar etc... Well IT training cos will see more growth and alliances etc....I still maintain 1-2 yrs from here these stocks which have appreciated 100% and more from our recommendation still have another or a bigger rally in the offing ....If u have patience any correction just buy ....

Review :

Jetking info freezed at 5% .,....Sical Logistics at 5% freeze at 271 reco at 210 still a lot lot more to go.... Peerless Abasan at 41.70 5% freeze... Nicholas hits 309 frm 290 odd cheers tgt at 315 -335 on higher side ( our high risk high returns stocks are supposed to give 5-10% ) ...many more we can write about ...Gremac Infra did intra tgts...

Wyeth from 500 to 575 our 10-12% safe compounding cheers ...Jubilant Organosys another safe pick moves up sharply hold on to this gem... Jindal Drilling and Easun reyrolle are also going smooth .... Many of our pharma picks have been doing good ...somehow the charts are showing good liking towards them...

Now shift this money to Finolex cables looks good for short to medium term ..

Venus remedies buy only if sustains above 474 for a tgt of 515 in short term ..One of the excellent fundamental investments if u want to do that...technically wait for our levels...

Circuit hitter for the day : Standard Inds

Weird Small cap idea :

Fluidomat ( 522017 )

The stock is a very unique one in the light engineering sector with a good client list ...Seems pity decent ..can hit a couple of circuits intra day circuit for sure tomorrow ...Take a risk of 5% and look for 20-25 % gain in quicktime...

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