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Top so near …………………yet so far…..

For last so many days , weeks , months half of the street is waiting for the top and then correction ...............So all u do is go short in expectation of a 300 point fall on Sensex and averaging on the rise till 500-600 points up and feel a winner when they make some points................ But in the process u missed out on so many opportunities... When all these shorters from lower levels cut their positions then is the time to top out........Or when u hear ur paanwaalas or no knowledge people start talking about the sensex..

Simple way to go is be stock specific with STOCK SPECIFIC STOPLOSSES......... If u have stoplosses the risk is always calculated at every step correction or runaway whatever..

Sensex continues to be in momentum and should take a breather between 14950-15200 which will be a good range to lighten yourself from overbought positions in the index stocks...

Skumars boldly written target 115 and 150 ... In less then 4 weeks target of 115 achieved gains = 30% +..

Pritish Nandy written boldly accumulate this stock for tgts 100-150 touches 100 + in one month gains =30% ..............Patience and power of technicals

This was there for everyone ............... Investments in good stocks pays trading haphazardly doesnt , either be equipped with knowledge or pray 🙂 ...

Era construction tgt given 460 at 360 gains = 20% + less then 2 weeks... ds kulkarni 240 to 285=== 15-20% in less then 2 weeks.......

Stocks to watchout for now :

Investments for 10-30% + gains in 3 mths to 1 yr safe stocks if declines buy more ..

Man Inds ...

SRF ( recommended at 163-168 to clients and add at 177 today for possible huge move in short term )

Lupin ( very hot for short term also )

Venus remedies

Supreme Inds buy 60% now rest on declines....

Aptech Training and SQL Star ( lesser exposure as small cap )

Fundamentals are intact for years in these now technicals will roar ....

Check the link below had u read it well u would have made safe money investing in some of the above stocks and also be comfortable in adding today when i m repeating them ...

Trading Picks :

Mahindra Gesco above 588 and Deccan Aviation are risky picks for 2 days to 10 days period...

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