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This is the line " If u cant buy stop selling " .... For quite long i have been mentioning this to be my favourite line in this markets.....

And its pity clear from the current runs that people who have done nothing have made more money then the ones who contemplate , discuss , argue and trade more then needed .... The best way to make money in a bullish markets is ": more u hold more u will make" ...


Sensex completed the correction to 38.2% levels arond 17200 as was mentioned and shown with the chart and the next level to watch above 18300 would be 19200 the previous top which has been overtaken .. The current channel by which we projected exactly the top of 19200 !!! continues to be arnd 19300-19400 levels and is to be seen whether markets give a close above those levels for 2-3 sessions... The possibility of closing above is highly probable and above which gives us a projection of 20200-20400 on the minimum side .... We continue to remain highly bullish for the year end view as we have maintained n no of times despite the dips πŸ™‚

Review :

GE SHipping foes 500 our 1st investment tgt done .... ( we still maintain hold for more n more πŸ™‚ .... Futures lot advised at 370 and booked at 432 and 460 and hold for all those who have patience .... so minimum 50 to 100 bucks per lot depending on the patience of the client which is decent enough for a lot size of 1200 πŸ™‚ ....Walchand does 8k cheers ( many readers also hold it ) , Ind hume pipe set for 1k , NESCO does 20%%% freeze ( long term call short term gains already ) , GTL infra rocks at 47 ( client call frm 25 -28 rights adjusted price ...strong call at every price ) .....

Stocks to watchout for :

RCOM is all set to fire the streets in coming days if stays above 775 levels... Above 800 quick moves in the stock ...

RNRL watchout for 100-104 range and closes above it investors who exitted can re enter and fresh moves expected ... ( i still dont understand the valuations but markets always know better ... stay invested simple ) .....RPL tgts of 250-300 for investment maintained for the call given at 115 πŸ™‚

DLF above 930 and UNITECH above 365 are stocks to watchout for in next few days ... Guj Alkalies for very high risk short term players...

Watchout for Vishal Retail for some momentum as good re rating in the sector is possible ....

Investment Picks

KCP ltd

One of the excellent picks funda wise and recommended and analyzed by some of people who do track the stock .......My reasons are --- fundas have been good for a long time but i see good accumulation on the charts and expect a good move in short term .... Above 430 it will fire..Strong accumulate for 2 weeks to 6 mths....

Weird IDea :

Impex Ferro ...........another ferro and sponge stock set to go on few freezes...........Bombay Burmah also set for few ckts but a fundamentally very strong stock ...

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