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Ispat ,Sun Flag , Vikas Metals , Southern Iron …..STEEELS now the world is shouting :)

Just check the above link and go through all the post Since SEPT 1 and just do CTRL - F type ISPAT ... You will know how many times the stock was mentioned....Now every other guy on the street talking about it and all the so called analysts bragging about it, but whats important is u all made money from it πŸ™‚ ..... By gods grace and hardwork we have been able to smell fundamental changes very early on technicals πŸ™‚ ... Power stocks, OIL drilling , education training and Small cap steels ... many have turned out to give 100-400% returns

Sensex Technical View :

Markets are nearing crucial levels and next 2 weeks would be do or die for traders. Crossing 20k and sustaining could be a good christmas πŸ™‚ ...But its better to be stock specific as many stocks have overperformed and will continue to do so ....KEEP STOPLOSSES to conserve the capital gained over the period .. Prevention is better then cure πŸ™‚

Review : Not much time to fill it .... Keep stoplosses and book partial at rise to conserve gains...SRF positional call rocked 165 ka 190 in 2 days fflat and more to come πŸ™‚

Stocks to watchout for :

High risk short term players can look to buy NICHOLAS PIRAMAL for a tgt of 345--360 in 2 weeks time with a stop of 308 .

Intra day players :Try buying to near to prev close ... higher u buy higher the risk lower the qty πŸ™‚

Hindustan Motors , Kajaria Ceramics , Mold tek technologies , Radhe Developers ( good del cvolumes ) .... All can do 5-20% intraday .. try buying near previous close and book partially at rise

Lil tired tonight .... good night guys

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