Technical Analysis of Indian Equities by Nooresh

15300 -16450 …. range bound as of now

Sensex technical view :
Every upmove continues to see selling pressure on upside . Sensex has to either break out above 16450 or below 15300 to give a clear directional move till then look to trade stock specific moves . Seems we are in a range bound index with stock specific moves. Investors can continue to remain cash or invest in dips to pullout on 20-30% gains and again be ready to buy .

Stocks to watchout for :

Skumars Synthetics written few days back for bottom fishing has bounced sharply to 92-95 and llooks goood for 110 levels . can buy on dips or in momentum
Hindustan Unilever showing good signs on charts can give a good upmove if sustains abovbe 248 .
RPL facing resistance at 174-176 above which can give a quick 10-15 rs move possibly in good sentiments. So wait and watch
BHEL seems to have a given a weak signal sustaining below 1750 for couple of days could take it to 1600 .


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As part of our Fibonacci revelations i am posting a quick video made on how we see fibonacci retracements on Dow Jones . The audio voice is low pitched so use it on full volume or can download the wmp version from the link ....

The video has been made quickly and just trying out to make videos so do let me know ur comments and suggestions. After testing out for some time might soon put up a video on how fibonacci retracements were and are being followed in Sensex and other world indices.
Readers can mail links of good videos to me.
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