Technical Analysis of Indian Equities by Nooresh

Few Charts again ….

Had posted few charts yesterday 

VENUS Remedies :

Just a post-mortem technicals 🙂 
Entry at 200-205 partial booking at 250+. a nice 25% gain in short term. 

Another PSU which has not been effected much by the entire recession. There are multiple tops around 310-320 zone. Stock if crosses 320 can expect a move to 350-370 in short term. 
Good support around 290-300 where one can buy with a 10 buck stop. 
A nice pattern breakout is possible in this stock. Buy in dips to 265-270 or above 285 for a target of 300/340 in short term. 


 MUMBAI --- JUNE 6-7 

DELHI --- JUNE 20-21 

Interested people CALL - 0981922539 Nooresh for more details/queries /confirmations and more. ( aftr mkt hours ). 

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