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The following post is from Manish who writes his views on financial planning and lot more on his blog Its a list of some of the best posts from him. Post in the comments on his blog 🙂


6 Steps of doing Retirement Planning by yourself

In this post , you will learn How to plan for retirement . We will use simple tools like Mutual Funds and PPF for building Retirement Corpus . We will also see what are the factors you should take into account when you plan for retirement . There can be other ways of doing this and can be very complex with very advanced calculations . But in this post we will look at it in a very simple way which a common man can understand . Continue Reading

Power of Asset Allocation and Portfolio Rebalancing

What is better ? Equity or Equity + Debt . In this article i will show you how always maintaining your Asset Allocation with Discipline helps you in long term . We will See examples of Asset Allocation with Portfolio Rebalancing with Charts and a small Presentation . At the end we will conclude that Having A small part of Debt in your portfolio is better than having no debt . Note : Make sure you read this article in one go , not in parts . Continue Reading

Value Investing by using Nifty PE

In this post , we will see the relationship between Nifty and Nifty PE and how one take advantage of some key levels , for long term Trades . See what you missed in Mar-Apr 2009 . Continue Reading

How to Start in Stock Market ?

How should a new comer prepare himself for Stock Markets ? Every newcomer who comes to stock markets does the same mistakes over and over again , but never learns from others . In this article we will see some steps a new comer should take . Continue Reading

Early Investor , Smart Investor

You are 25 , and want to retire at 60 , after 35 yrs . You earn anything more than 10k+ , and can save more than 2k per month for investing if you wish . You might be earning 30k or 60k or whatever , but i am considering an average urban Indian who is earning 10k or 12k or anything like that and can save more than 2k per month . Continue Reading

Magic of SIP

In this article , we will see how SIP works best in long term for Salaried Person who can put in a fixed amount over long term in Equity . Continue Reading

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