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Small Cap Index up 12% — Did u MAKE MONEY !!

Just around 1 mth back on December 10 2009 i had made this post about how MIDCAPS and SMALL CAPS are on a verge of a move and will soon catch up with the leading indices.

Sensex moved just above 17500 to 17790 which is 1-2 % but small cap and mid cap indices have moved 10-12% in the last 1 -1/2 months. Many small cap stocks gave returns of 30-70% !!!
Did u make MONEY out of it ?? Were you able to spot it ?? ----- If the answer yes -- CHEERS
If its No - You know whom to get professional help from ---

Current View :

The topping out of the index could happen only when the small cap and Midcap Index shoots vertically like it happened in Jan 2008.
The index did nothing between Oct 2007 to Jan 2008 but small cap index leaped vertically.
But right now we might be quite away from it as the rise is gradual and we may have another 5-10% move up in small cap indices before we review the situation.
Insha Allah would try to post a detailed chart mentioning about that phase once we get into it.
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  • Tryin2Trade January 20, 2010, 15:40

    Nooresh HI

    I like the way you correlate things!

    Last time it was how you described that bottom was already in place and ppl were still looking for it!

    Never a dull moment with your posts!

    All the best for your seminars!


  • Nooresh Merani January 21, 2010, 09:13

    Thanks Manoj ,

    Its good to get appreciation from good writers



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