Technical Analysis of Indian Equities by Nooresh

Stock Specific Recommendations – Mumbai Seminar and More…

In the Mumbai Seminar we had shown how technical analysis could be effectively applied for superb short term trades. Many examples like Ion Exchange, Autoline Inds, Magma, Amar Remedies etc were presented.

Will soon put that presentation.

For now STOCK SPECIFIC RECOMMENDATIONS OF MUMBAI SEMINAR can be downloaded by clicking here.

Some More Stock Specific Views :

Midcap banking stocks have been consistently making new highs as expected. We believe there is much more to be seen in this sector and this might just be the start of it.

Lakshmi Vilas recommended at 78-80 and again at 96-98 has done 110 already.

Currently South India Bank, City Union Bank, Dena Bank and Bank of Maharashtra look excellent on charts. Also Yes Bank could see a sharp move. Traders who can take a risk of 3-4% stop and 10% can look to the above stocks for quick moves.


Tea Stocks like Jayshree tea and Mcleod Rusell look interesting on technicals and market knowledge suggests a rise in tea prices of late could lead to a further upmove in the sector. ( Jayshree tea recommended in the ppt too )


Omnitech buy around 205 stoploss 195 tgt 225 in short term.

Strides Arcolabs buy at 445 stop 438 tgt 460 in 1-3 sessions.

Quickmoves could be seen in Shilpa Medicare/ Himadri chemicals on back of technical breakouts. But low volumes deter a strong buy.


For more of our stock specific timely advise do check into the services link on the upside or call Asif 09833666151 to find a plan suited to your trading style.




Article by Nooresh Merani

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  • Mihir August 3, 2010, 21:31

    Nooresh bhai,

    whats your view on ITC now? it is 150 around …i am looking for 3 -4 months view

    thanks again!!

    • nooresh August 4, 2010, 01:58

      Hi Mihir,
      The stock looks good provided one has patience and is ready to buy on dips

  • sanjay August 4, 2010, 10:04

    Hi nooresh,

    What are your views on FSL and KEI industries? Can these be added at current levels for 2-3 months.

    Please give your views.


    • nooresh August 4, 2010, 10:48

      Would avoid FSL. KEI inds can be bought but for lil longer term

  • xyz August 4, 2010, 13:47

    Bombay burmah rocking

  • xyz August 4, 2010, 15:21

    Bombay burmah 420 to 560 ….. 35% returns in 15 days

    • nooresh August 5, 2010, 09:29


      Please disclose identity 🙂
      Bombay Burmah faster then expected.Happens with technicals

  • adit August 4, 2010, 16:22

    nooresh thanks for ur view on ador fontech n zfsteering gears i made a lot of money in zfsteering gears n ador both zfsteering went up by 50% after i asked for ur opinion 🙂

    i hav a few more stocks for which id like ur views jmc projects, camlin and dcb what r ue short n long term view???? i’ve had dcb for 2 years now jmc n camlin i bought at 218 and 37 respectively what r ur views over the next 1-2 months regarding jmc n camlin

    • nooresh August 5, 2010, 09:30

      Hi Adit,
      Cheers keep taking some money out of the profits to enjoy.
      Camlin Ltd and DCB i have been consistently recommending for long term from lower levels. The stocks could give good returns over the next 3-6 months.
      JMC i dont track very closely but is a slow mover.

  • jayanthi August 4, 2010, 20:45

    Your advice On Nahar Spinning. It announced a good result. I already Bought 50 shares @ 102. Can i add more ? what is the target and SL.

    • nooresh August 5, 2010, 09:25

      Long term outlook is good.

  • Kiran Vora August 5, 2010, 18:23

    hi, nooresh

    i already bought kaveri seed at 309 & today at also 381.
    now what is the further ur view on kaveri.

    • nooresh August 5, 2010, 21:47

      Hi Kiran,
      I have clearly stated its a pick for 3-4 mths if u dont have the patience exit whenever the stock comes to your cost. We would stick to our patient way of investing.




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