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Interesting Smallcap Technical investments – Liberty Shoes and Radico Khaitan

Couple of interesting technical setups.

Both Radico Khaitan and Liberty Shoes were bets which we traded from 150 to 170 and 105 to 125 previously.


Radico - Long term buy


Radico Khaitan -


Big cup and handle or channel breakout on weekly charts with volumes. Now retesting the breakout levels of 148-155 can be an entry point.


Liberty Shoes


Liberty Shoes

Another 3-4 year range breakout. After a quick move from 105 to 160 is now retesting a breakout zone.

Accumulate at 110-120.


Both seem to be decent fundamentally and at a good risk-reward technically. The stoplosses are deep so accordingly.


Do your own research and read the disclaimer link.

PS – Have been a little unwell due to an injury to the knee so posts may be a bit irregular.

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