Indian Elections – Do they change market trends- Free Download.

On 18th March we had come out with a detailed report on Indian Elections – Do they change market trends. Also a paid webinar was organized. You get the recording from this link


This is the chart on the 38th slide in the report


Nifty 2

These are the lines -

“ Nifty can see a jump to 7000-7200 on a breakout above 6600 with pre-election polls etc “

By gods grace it has worked very well and we could take enough opportunistic trades in the period. But that is short term. We believe there is a much bigger opportunity for traders/investors over the next 2-4 years.


You can download the detailed report by clicking below – ( This was released for institutional consulting we do at Amsec as well ) . It has almost 60 odd slides.

Do let us know your views on it by commenting or mailing us on


Indian Elections – Do they change market trends. Indian Elections – Do they change market trends.


Also in the short term we had initiated a buy call at 6700 Nifty to our clients. Although i was on a vacation but Ankit Chaudhary  ( Technical Analyst at Analyse India ) had posted the below chart on twitter as well. .


For now we believe its a good time to book profits in large cap stocks and increase cash to deploy in post election dip/sideways move in quality midcaps/smallcaps. We dont mind missing the last few gains in the current move as the risk-reward is not really favorable and a drop in VIX also suggests the expectation of volatility has reduced.


The focus should again shift to midcaps/smallcaps post election results. Again re-iterate the view to increase cash at current levels , totally avoid leverage positions. Do not advise hedging as i personally believe the best hedge is to increase cash.




We are launching Analyse India Big Value 2.0 after a decent success in Big Value 1 where a lot of stocks did well. To get the list mail to . The last date to subscribe is 31st May 2014. Its on a first come first serve basis with limited entries.

Online Payment Link

What do you get in Big Value Service?

-> 30-50 investment ideas in a year.

-> 2-4 investment ideas in a month.

-> Companies covered will be with good fundamentals, decent managements.

Read full link –

-> If you are interested and also would like to see the previous portfolios please mail or Call 09899899989 Ankit for more details.

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Nooresh Merani

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  1. Hiren Dhruva
    May 15, 2014

    How does one subscribe for Big Value 2.0?

  2. mgsane
    January 26, 2018

    I am a serious fan of your articles.for last 5 years.Since Jan 2015 nifty@ 6800 I do believe thatit will double to 13600 in a period of 5to7 years. I have found that Nifty futur or options are profitable solution instead of stocks.Because of their irratick behaviour.I am now at 70 & enjoy nifty trading. Your inputs for nifty are immensely helpful to me. Madhav/mgsane

    1. Nooresh
      January 27, 2018

      Thanks for your kind words.


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