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ONGC – Long Term Technical Investment Pick



-> ONGC was a favorite in our Indian Elections report where we discussed how Oil and Gas stocks could lead the move.

-> The current dip can be used to accumulate with a view of very long term.

-> This is a large cap pick but if you have better options in midcaps can give it a skip.

-> Traders can look for a bounce back from 380-400.

-> not keeping a price target


Some thoughts :

Going into budget traders can relax and investors should continue to be focused on particular stocks. Keep searching for low risk investment picks and watchout for dips if any.


Continue to maintain the view to increase equity as a % of networth . This is what will decide your returns. Also as your portfolio size increases you become more serious and work hard. If you are in for a thrill there are better places than equities πŸ˜‰


Given that we have a lot of focus on our Advisory Services and also covering a lot of stocks in Big Value it will be difficult to share a lot of midcap/smallcap ideas going forward. Will try to post some ideas going ahead. The focus will remain on large caps and trading ideas to be shared on the blog.


Also planning to write a lot of articles on technical analysis, trader psychology,investor psychology. If you have an interesting article to be shared do mail me on or any other topics which i should cover.


We had a good seminar this Sunday in Mumbai. Thank all the participants for sharing their views and add more to our learning.


We are planning a similar seminar in Bangalore and Delhi. If you are interested do mail us on . Will keep you posted. Also if any volunteers πŸ™‚



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