S&P upgrades India rating to Stable – No Big Deal !

The big news for today which led to the sharp jump and short covering in Nifty was S&P upgrading India to stable and BBB-


Now suddenly there will be a lot of biased opinions.


Bullish Bias – S&P upgrades India. Wow now you see how the dollars will flow into India.


Bearish Bias – S&P upgrades India. Sell on News. Ab to top banega dost.


Let us look at the movement in Nifty in last 3 years with S&P ratings.


By the way i believe a stable rating only implies no downgrade in next 2 yrs most probably and so is not really a big upgrade in ratings. ( Now thats confusing 😉


S&P India Rating


This is how it looks.


  1. Post S&P downgrade of US Nifty fell 10% but recovered to same prices in a few months.
  2. Post S&P downgrade of India it fell 5% in quick time and recovered back to same prices in weeks and the rally continued again.
  3. Post S&P upgrade today you can make your bet where it goes but i doubt it is a deciding factor.


Also if you want more data below is the history of S&P ratings on India. Did not really find a good co-relation.



S&P India Ratings



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